Healthy Eating Update

If you follow me on instagram, you probably know that I am obsessed with healthy food. I mention it on the blog too, but I should definitely talk about it more often. I get tons of emails asking me about food and recipes, but the biggest part for me is just about paying attention to what goes into my body. The "Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Foods" book, is perfect for those who are trying to make a change and eat 'better', or those who already enjoy a healthy diet and want to know more about certain foods and get some recipe ideas. 

I have to start with the fact, that I've always loved healthy food, but I just eat too much of it (yes - it is possible to gain weight eating healthy food).  Add pregnancy cravings to the mix and I ended up bigger than ever! It has been nearly 2,5 years since my son was born and I am still overweight, but... it's fine, because I am more than just my weight and for me, it's more about an overall approach to health etc. Here's some of the things I have been doing to feel better and look after my body.

1.My biggest culprit is eating too much, so I try to eat smaller portions, as big portions tend to make me feel uncomfortable and bloated. I could easily eat a huge plate of food, but I always end up feeling like I am about to burst so I have to work on this.

2. I swapped semi-skimmed milk for Almond Milk and Oat Milk about 2-3 years ago and I don't even miss it. Plant milks are lower in calories, fortified with vitamins and better for your body and the environment. 

3. Instead of eating normal chocolate as a treat, I go for homemade raw chocolate (similar to the one with Goji Berries on the photos below) or make healthy date and nut truffles (yum!). This way, I feel like I am getting my sugar fix, but it is all healthy. You can make the truffles yourself by putting dates and nuts in a food processor with a splash of apple juice, or simply buy them from Whole Foods. I also love dates stuffed with walnuts. They taste amazing! I snack on raw veggies with houmous or nuts as well.

4. I try to avoid processed carbs in my meals and opt for wholemeal bread, rice and pasta, but actually prefer eating unprocessed carbs, like sweet potato with my meals. Or just normal potatoes, as they are rich in potassium, vitamin C and fibre. 

Yummy smoothies, with added superfoods and  fruit salads help me get my 5 a day!

5. I try to drink 2 liters of water a day, small amounts of fresh organic juices (my favourites are carrot and apple) and homemade smoothies.  I don't drink a lot of tea and coffee - I have them occasionally - and always without added sugar. PS. I never drink any fizzy drinks. I think they are horrendous and they actually make me feel ill. Coke is a huge no, as I only reserve it for cleaning toilets and grease. 

I love snacking on dried white mulberries and raw chocolate covered mulberries. I also add wheat grass powder and chia seeds to smoothies.
Organic Bee Pollen, Baobab Powder, Chia Seeds, Dried Mulberries

6. I add superfoods to my meals to boost my immune system. I actually received some of my favourites in the NYR hamper, including Chia Seeds, Mulberries, Baobab Powder and Organic Bee Pollen. They are all packed with goodness! Again, you can find these easily in Health Food Stores and Whole Foods. 

7. I plan most of my my meals in advance! It is very important, if you want to reduce food waste and make your life easier. It also helps me to keep my diet varied and full of nutritious foods.

8.  I buy a lot of fruit and veg frozen. It is equally good for you (sometimes even better, as it is frozen as fresh as possible) and much cheaper. Frozen blueberries are great in porridge and other berries are perfect for smoothies. I also buy frozen broccoli, green beans, spinach, chinese stir fry mix, peppers etc. 

9. I try to eat a salad based meal once a day (lunch or dinner). Rocket, spinach or watercress are my favourites and I eat them with some tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and a protein rich food, like beans or lentils. I make dressings myself or use balsamic vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice.

11. I try to include seeds and nuts, like flax seeds and walnuts for essential fatty acids.

12. I make 90% of my food from scratch. The fresher, the better. After all, nothing beats homemade! ;)

Vegan homemade curry. Super easy to make and you can freeze leftovers for the weekend.

13. Making veg curry's and chilli's in big batches and freezing them is a great way to avoid takeaways. Make some time for food prep at the weekend and you will be able to enjoy healthy food all week. Takeaways make me feel horrendous!

14.  I don't really drink alcohol. I have an occasional bottle of Kopparberg or  Rekordelig cider, but I usually go for the alcohol free option anyway, because it tastes better. Aagain, alcohol can make you feel horrendous and it is bad for my anxiety.

15. Everything is ok, but in moderation. If I am craving chocolate, I will have some at the weekend. If I want an indian takeaway - I will order it. My favourite is chips, salad and kebab sauce... LOL! Anything greasy really puts me off ,even the chips feel too oily, but if it's once every few months, it's fine with me.

16. Internet is your friend- you can find anything on the net - recipes, inspiration, nutritional info. All you need to do is type what you are looking for and you will definitely find the answer! It couldn't be easier. Follow some new accounts on  Instagram (mine is theblackpearlbfood) to get your daily dose of inspiration.

 The NYR Healing Foods book explains  how the modern Western diet full of red meats, sugar, bad fats, artificial sweeteners, salt and processed grains  is killing us slowly and it's a real eye opener. Once you get past the short, but shocking intro, you will discover a variety of amazing foods and loads of easy to follow recipes. It is amazing to see how  certain foods can heal your body, strengthen your immune system etc. It is all about making the right choices and preparing fresh meals. If you have a sweet tooth, like me, you will find a couple of recipes for yummy desserts made from scratch with delicious fruit. There is something for everyone and believe me- healthy eating is NOT boring! 

The book is perfect for those who want to find out more about nutritious foods and meals. You can currently buy the 'Healing Foods' book on offer from amazon (LINK)  for £11.55 with free delivery.

I tried this delicious 'potato and beetroot salad' recipe from the book and it was amazing!!! OMG! 

*I was kindly sent the hamper by NYR. I wasn't asked to review it. I just thought, you might find the book interesting and helpful.

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