Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation & Instant Concealer - review and swatches

Just when I thought that I can't love Clarins more than I already do, they brought out the most amazing foundation and concealer. I am absolutely blown away by both products and I have been reaching for them a lot in September. I love everything about them - the formula, the finish and the way they feel on my skin.

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation* (£35.00) 

I have been looking for a new base since I run out of my Holy Grail Lancome Teint Miracle, but I wanted something more suitable for dry skin this time. I have normal/combination skin, but... since I started using an acne treatment on my cheeks and jawline, my skin became very dry. Thankfully, Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation came to the rescue and helped me achieve a nice base, without accentuating dry patches. The anti-ageing formula, enriched with  organic Argan Oil and Global Age-Defying Complex, plumps and nourishes the skin, boosts hydration, fights free radicals and protects from UV rays.

The consistency is thick and rich and you need the tiniest amount of product to achieve medium coverage. If I want full coverage, I apply two thin layers and I am good to go. The Extra Comfort Foundation is easy to blend and gives a very natural finish, with an amazing glow and a light diffusing effect.  I prefer using it with my fingers, but it works well with a buffing brush or a stippling brush as well.

It is an amazing base, especially for those with dry/normal skin. I am not sure how it will look and feel on oily skin types, it might be too rich. It feels very comfortable on my face, lasts for 8 hours+ (without a powder) and gives a satin finish with a boost of radiance. It covers all imperfections (including acne scarring and redness), evens out skintone and skins texture. Perfect! On top of that, it comes in luxurious frosted glass packaging with a gold lid. You also get a little spatula for the foundation, but I use clean fingers to get a tiny amount of product out of the jar.

I love the way it looks on the skin and I am not the only one. My older sister tried the foundation and fell in love with it immediately. Her face looked glowing, plump and healthy, but you would never think that she applied anything onto her skin. The shade I am using is 108 Sand and surprisingly, it suited my sisters light skin tone and my medium complexion as well. (We both have yellow undertones.)

Overall, it is an incredible product and I can't recommend it enough. It is exactly what I need for Autumn/Winter, when my skin feels dry and needs a soothing formula with the 'glow factor'.

 Clarins Instant Concealer* (£20.00)

Concealers are very hit and miss in my opinion and I am still looking for 'the one'. I have tried many different brands and formulas, but I think that the light reflecting ones are the best choice for me at the moment. The new  Clarins Instant Concealer is a very light, but nicely pigmented formula, with a Light Optimising + Complex to 'instantly capture, diffuse and amplify light'. 

The consistency of the concealer is much thinner than the foundation, but it masks dark circles really well. It is very easy to blend with a small brush, but I like to apply it with my fingers. My dark circles are really bad at the moment, so I don't expect light formulas to cover them completely, but I adore the way the Instant Concealer feels and looks on my skin. It is incredibly light, doesn't settle into fine lines and its caffeine content helps to stimulate circulation and get rid of puffiness. I really like the way it diffuses light and illuminates the under eye area.

If you are sick of concealers settling into fine lines and creasing, you have to try this gem! It is a lovely product and gives a nice, natural looking finish. It also feels very hydrating and doesn't irritate sensitive eyes. Shade 01 will suit most light-medium skin tones.

L-R: Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation in shade 108 Sand, Clarins Instant Concealer in shade 01, wearing the foundation alone
L-R: Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation in shade 108 Sand, Clarins Instant Concealer in shade 01, wearing the foundation alone
Wearing the Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation, a tiny amount of the Instant Concealer and Guerlain Meteorites Pearls in 03 Teint Dore.

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation and Instant Concealer are available from , online Clarins stockists and Clarins counters.

* PR samples


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