Stay smart at festivals

Hi everyone. As a teenager, I used to go to festivals and concerts regularly and I was always worried that some of my things might get stolen. Why? Because when I was 16 my bag was stolen when I was out with my friends. I lost my phone, my documents, all my makeup etc. I was only 16 and absolutely devastated. Since then, I like to stay safe and keep my eye on all my belongings at all times. When I was asked by Allianz Your Cover, if I would like to publish this infographic with tips on how to stay safe and smart during the festival season, I couldn't say no.

It might be common sense to leave your expensive iPhone, SLR and and iPad at home, but I know from my own experience that taking them with you is very tempting. If you have been to a festival recently, let me know if any of your items were stolen. If so- I am sorry to hear that and I know exactly how you feel. If you are planning to go to a festival soon, make sure to take the tips on board and stay on the safe side.

*collabortion with Allianz


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