9 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Your Holiday

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So, you’ve finally booked that long-awaited holiday. Exciting, right? But when you tell your kids, they’re about as enthusiastic as a cat in water. Fear not, because below is a great list of ways to drum up a storm of excitement in those little ones for your upcoming getaway, so the tantrums make way for enthusiasm.

1. Interactive Countdown Calendars

Remember the joy of popping open a door on the advent calendar at Christmas? Let’s bring that same magic to your holiday countdown. It could be a simple paper chain where you tear off a link each day or a fun DIY calendar with holiday-themed treats. Watching those days drop off is sure to make them quiver with anticipation! 

2. New Holiday Wardrobe

Here’s a classic: buying them new clothes or shoes for the trip. Whether it’s a snazzy new swimsuit for the beach, a cool pair of sunnies, or those cute Sonic The Hedgehog shoes that would be perfect for the beach, new gear can really get the young ones buzzing. Just remember: Fashion first, but comfort always!

3. Destination-themed Movie Nights

Host a movie night with films or shows based on your holiday destination. Going to Paris? 'Ratatouille' is your mate. Jetting off to New York? ‘Home Alone 2’ it is. Those visual stories will ignite their imagination and soon enough, they’ll be itching to explore.

4. Cuisine Nights

One week before the holiday, make it a mission to cook (or order, we won’t judge) a dish from the place you're visiting. Italian pizza night, Spanish paella, or perhaps some good ol' British fish and chips? Experiencing the taste of a place can get them excited about the real deal.

5. Scrapbook Setup

Gift your kiddos a scrapbook each, specifically for this holiday. Fill the first page with the itinerary, pictures of where you’re going, and any interesting tidbits. This gives them something to look forward to and a project to work on during the trip.

6. Holiday Jar of Surprises

Here's a cheeky one. Have a jar filled with mini envelopes. Inside each, pop in a surprise activity or treat for each day of the holiday – it could be anything from “extra ice-cream today” to “visit to the local zoo”. The catch? They can only open one per day!

7. Engage in Storytelling

Every place has its legends, myths, and histories. Dive deep into these tales, and share them as bedtime stories. For instance, if you’re off to Loch Ness, tell them about Nessie, the elusive monster. They’ll be scanning the waters with a keen eye when you visit!

8. Virtual Exploring

Thanks to tech, there are countless interactive apps and websites where your children can virtually explore your holiday spot. It's like a teaser trailer for the grand movie!

9. Travel Kits

Create a personalised travel kit for each child – colouring books, puzzles themed around the destination, a new book to read, or a funky journal. The idea? They get to open it only once the holiday starts!

The more excited they are, the more engaged they will be in the experience, which is likely to result in fewer complaints and a more amazing holiday for you all, so what are you waiting for?


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