Jewellery Collection Part 1: Rings

Hi everyone! I promised to do a jewellery collection post, but if I featured all of it in one post it would be far too long :) I decided to add 4 different parts: rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

As you can see, I have a slight jewellery obsession.... :) My little collection consists of over 150 rings and I just can't stop buying more. My favourite place for rings is Forever 21.
They have the most beautiful designs and they are usually reasonably priced. Most of my jewellery is from Forever 21 actually :) I am glad that they finally opened a store in Glasgow :) YAY!
I also love and with free delivery and amazing sales, it is always hard to resist buying new bits and bobs :) The last place for bargain buys is good old ebay- 99p rings? Yes please! I am such a hoarder...
I store my rings in two big jewellery boxes from TK Maxx, but I am quickly running out of space :) haha

My exclusive March advertiser is Angelica from One Little Vice

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