Bourjois Total Look

Hi everyone. You all know how much I love Bourjois, right? Well... It turns out that I have just the right amount (and more) of Bourjois products to create a total makeup look, without reaching for other brands :) 
I went through my makeup stash and got all the bits together when I was swatching the Aristo Clash Collection, so you might have seen a sneak peek of the eye makeup look already.

To cover any imperfections I used the original Healthy Mix Concealer- it is thicker and gives better coverage. 
I added the Healthy Balance Unifying Powder (depotted) for a matte finish, Mineral Radiance Powder to define my cheekbones and a little bit of the Gold Bronzing Powder to add some shimmer. 

On my eyes, I used a Little Round Pot in white- 01 (depotted) in the inner corners and under the brow bones and Gris Violace allover the lid. On the lashline, I smudged Contour Clubbing Waterproof Pencil  in shade Purple Night and drew a winged line  with the Bourjois Liner Clubbing in purple. I also used a black pencil with a little bit of shimmer in my lower waterline. I can't see the name of it, because it rubbed off :) On my eyelashes I am wearing the Bourjois Queen Attitude mascara .

I am loving the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks and I picked shade 08 Rose Studio for this look.

That's it. I can oficially say that Bourjois is my favourite high street brand! :)

I keep my depotted Bourjois powders and eye shadows in my Z-Palette (link to my review)

My exclusive February advertiser is Louise from Confessions Of a Secret Shopper
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