Review: Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

URBAN DECAY BUILD YOUR OWN PALETTE £14.00 reduced to £11.90

"Complete with a custom Good Karma Shadow Brush and the perfect nude shadow (exclusive to this palette), this mirrored palette includes five empty places for you to pop-in your eyeshadow favorites and create your own collection! Color coordinate your way to beauty bliss with the ability to create unlimited palettes that fit your beauty need of the moment. Pick your color, pop-out the shadow platform, and insert it into your Build Your Own Palette."

I finally got the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette. Well, my husband got it for me as a surprise, after I talked about it for ages :) I have many single UD eye shadows and I really needed a house for some of them. Although, they are vintage ones, so it was more difficult to get them out of the original packaging. I was also worried that they won't fit into the palette, but they are a perfect size. If you have the new UD eye shadows, you will be able to pop them in and out easily. I am so glad I got this palette. It is perfect! I love the design, the size is just right and I can keep my favourite shades in one place, without looking for them in my eye shadow drawer.
The palette costs £14 and it comes with one full size eye shadow - Walk Of Shame and an eyeshadow brush, so you basically get the palette for free! Bargain! 

Overall, I think that this palette is a brilliant idea. It would be a great gift for any eye shadow addict.
I have been using my favourite UD shades more often since I popped them inside the palette. 

L-R: Walk Of Shame, Toasted, Stray Dog, Half Baked, Sellout, Eldorado

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