Some high end gift ideas

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, a little guide/wishlist won't hurt anyone :) I picked a couple of things from Chanel, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs and you can see them on the photo above.  

I don't know anybody who wouldn't be happy to receive a high end product for Valentines Day, or other occasion.  Me and my husband always celebrate Valentines Day and we don't go crazy with presents, but we always get each other something lovely and have a romantic meal. I think that for the past 4 years, I have been getting jewellery, flowers and chocolates as a present, so I would actually like to get something different this time. I am always happy to receive a Chanel lipstick or perfume, or maybe a gorgeous blusher (hint, hint!). I have been lusting after  Tom Ford makeup as well and would love get a gorgeous TF lippie. I've never tried anything from Tom Ford before to be honest and I want to change it. The Black Orchid perfume is definitely on my "To buy" list but I can't justify spending £68 on EDP at the moment. When I was exploring the world of Tom Ford, I also noticed a pair of  Tom Ford Sunglasses (pictured on the collage above) and they look very interesting. I think that all TF designs are very classy and elegant.

Another brand/designer I really like is Marc Jacobs. The Daisy EDT is extremely popular and loved by many bloggers and I am planning to get it when my spending ban is over. I am loving Marc Jacobs jewellery as well, and the prices are reasonable. The bracelet costs £80 and the earrings cost only £30. I also found lovely Marc Jacobs Sunglasses from . I love the Dark Havana frames and gold detailing with tiny pearls. Beautiful! When I was preparing this post, I found out something I didn't even realize. There's Marc Jacobs (high fashion and more expensive) and Marc by Marc Jacobs (more purse friendly) and they are different ranges. I didn't even pay attention to that before, but I learn something new every day :) Now, I will be looking for Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses instead of Marc Jacobs ones ;)

Do you like to receive high end gifts? What is on you wishlist at the moment?

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