NOTD: Mint and musical notes

Hi everyone. Just like I said before, 2013 will be a year full of makeup looks and NOTD's :)
I also promised myself to master the musical notes design with Konad.
I attempted it a couple of times and it usually goes wrong and doesn't look perfect.
Other Konad designs are very easy to transfer and if you want to have a look at my Konad nail stamping tutorialclick here. The musical notes design is very detailed so it requires some serious skills. As you can see, there is a couple of imperfections in my transfers and my pinky nail is smudged, because I applied a top coat to early... Oooops.
I also had a massive nail disaster last week and had to cut my nails down to nothing :/ Soooo annoying.
2013 started terribly in the nail department, but I am positive and I know that they will grow back :)

I used China Glaze nail polish in shade For Audrey I got from Coco and a black stamping polish from Konad to create this design.

My exclusive January advertiser is Coco from The Beauty Milk
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