Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Konad nail stamping tutorial

Here is a quick Konad nail stamping tutorial with step by step guide and pictures. It takes a little bit of practice and you need to be really fast when you stamp each nail, but I will explain it under each photo. I hope you like it :) The design I picked today is a mixture of nude and floral and I love it. It looks really nice on short nails and has got a vintage feel to it :)
 You will need your Konad stamper and scraper, one image plate and 2 nail polishes. One for a base coat and one for stamping. I use normal nail polish, but if you buy the special one for stamping the results  will be better. Here is a link to the kit with one plate. 
You will also need: A piece of paper, nail polish remover, cotton wool pads and a top coat.
1.Paint your nails with the base colour and let them dry. They need to be completely dry before yo start stamping, if you are impatient you will ruin the whole design- hint- look at my pinky on the pictures of the full manicure- it is all creased, horrible and wrinkled.
2.Clean your image plate with nail polish remover to make sure there is no nail polish or dust in the groves.
3.Apply chosen colour of nail polish to the desired image on the plate.
4.Scrape off the excess, be fast- the nail polish could dry out quickly.
5.Press a clean stamper onto the plate to pick up the design, it should look like this once it is transferred. You need to be really fast following all the steps!
6.Stamp the image onto your nail with a  rolling motion, or press down firmly and lift up immediately. If you try both methods, you will know what one suits you.
Don't worry about the design going allover your cuticles, you can clean it up with nail varnish for a perfect finish once you are done with all your nails.

7.Repeat the same process on all nails. Make sure to clean the plate and the stamper between applying the design to each nail. Apply a top coat for a long lasting, glossy finish.
as you can see, the design on my pinky is all wrinkled because the base colour wasn't dry when I stamped the nail.

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  1. Love it, I love nail posts :)!
    fabulous idea :)

    daily-hoot.blogspot.co.uk xo

  2. Great tutorial! I've always been a little confused about this, now it's crystal clear for me! :)
    Looks fab on you! xx

  3. Great post! Love it.

    xoxo, Nina

  4. I really want to try a Konad stamper, they look so cool!

    Charlotte xo

  5. I have something exactly like this but from a different brand! It is amazing!

  6. Looks great, thanks for the tutorial. I think a Konad stamper is going to have to go on my wish list :) x


  7. Wow, looks beautiful, thanks for the great tutorial!
    Daniella x


  8. This is such a crazy tool! I love it though, the blue look you did the other day was amazing too! :D hannah xx


  9. Looks so pretty :) Might try something like this soon! xx


  10. Nice tutorial! I'm going to try this. xoxo Demmy

  11. Amazing! Definitely gonna try it asap! :)

  12. I love stamping but it's so time consuming! I think I might treat myself to some new plates to motivate me to do it more often! I love that design, so pretty! xx

  13. Completely inspiring. Excellent post I'm always looking for something to jazz up my nails



  14. i love this, its so cute, i've never seen this product before tho any recommendations where to get it from?

  15. Whoa this is SO cool! Love this!!!!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  16. I've been thinking about getting this, looks very pretty x

  17. Great tutorial. I need to dig my Konad's back out, I'm too lazy though! x

  18. This is fab! I love the look of this but worry I won't be able to do it to my right hand. I'm rubbish at painting my nails. There's some lovely Konad plates. Great post! Thanks x

  19. Fantastic post! I love the look this gives and i've never heard of this before. Thanks for including the link as well, really helpful. xx

    Claire x

  20. This is such an amazing post, thank you for sharing i'd never heard of this before.

    Jo X

  21. I love this, cant get enough from Konad stamps :)
    Carolin x

  22. very pretty! i love it, i'd love to try it :)

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

  23. That is such an amazing idea, especially for lazy people like me with no creativity. It's just two coats of a single color and a top coat. But this would be such a great idea for someone wanting to try something a little more.

  24. This looks great, would love to try it :) x x

  25. Brilliant thank you! I may have to get some Konad polish to go with my plates :-)


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