My secret obsessions

I have a confession. I am a hoarder. Hoarder of all things pretty, hoarder of makeup and clothes.
I am sorting it out, but it is hard. I thought that it will be nice to take photos of some of the things I love and feature them on my blog :) 

1. I adore perfume bottles and I very rarely get rid of empty ones. I especially love fancy perfume atomisers, like the one on the picture above. :) 

2. I love candles and I used to have hundreds of them when I was a teenager. Now, I try to stick to luxury vegetable wax candles, so I can't afford to buy too many. It is a good thing though,  because I am running out of space :) 
3. I looooove heart shaped ornaments. I hang them everywhere - kitchen walls, wardrobe handles etc

4. I am obsessed with bracelets - I own hundreds of them and I should go to bracelet rehab. I will be adding a series of jewellery collection posts in February, so you will be able to see them all.

5. I am a knitwear lover- I live in jumpers and cardigans. They are soooo cosy!
I keep my favourite ones on my mood rail :)

6. I love pretty cushions and I don't have enough beds and sofas to find space for all of them :) haha

That's it. A true hoarder :) 

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