My everyday look and thoughts on face piercings

This look is my everyday look, which means- neutral, minimal makeup with just a couple of products.I used Ginvera BB cream as a base, Liz Earle Loose Powder to get a matte finish and a tiny bit of Liz Earle bronzer and Look Beauty Blusher in Flirt on my cheeks. To add a nice glow to my face I used Lily Lolo mineral shimmer. I used Look Beauty brow Kit for my eye brows, Urban Decay Nylon and Clarins White Sparkle eyeshadows on my eyelids and Benefit Bad Gal mascara for my lashes. On my lips I am wearing YSL Rouge Volupte in Sensual Silk. That's it. My everyday makeup look, straight hair, oversized top and a statement necklace. Obviously, most of the time you will find me in Disney PJ's, massive stretched jumpers and messy hair- I added a picture like this to my instagram :) so if you follow me there, you've seen it all :)

Since todays look is natural, I thought that I will include my piercing scars in the photo. I usually remove them in PS, because I hate them and they make me feel very insecure. I am sure that many of you know how I feel. I spoke to some of you on Twitter yesterday and I am not alone. I really regret getting piercings on my face, especially the ones under my lips. I got my piercings done when I was 16/17, without my parents permission. They were totally against piercings, so I did it myself. I bought special piercing needles and pierced my face in three places. Surprisingly, it all healed quickly and the piercings looked really nice. I had one in my nose and two under my lips. I was very happy with the way it looked, but after uni I got  a job which involved food and I had a choice to take the piercings out or put plasters on them. I just took them out, because I would look stupid with three plasters on my face and I really wanted that job. Now, when I think about it, I seriously regret getting piercings. Even if it wasn't for work reasons,  I wouldn't wear the piercings now, so I would be left with wholes in my face anyway. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a rebellious teenager, because I am now left with scars I could have avoided. I also have a massive scar on my belly button, because my body rejected the piercings a couple of times. Not nice... If you are thinking about getting piercings on your face, make sure you want them for life or that you can accept scaring in the future. I didn't think about it like that... Let me know what you think about it and if you experienced the same thing. I would love to get the scars removed, but I have no idea what treatments are available for them and if they are effective. The funny thing is- I love the look of piercings on other people but I don't think they suit me anymore.
Also, the scars look worse in real life, because you can see that they are deep. (The photo is unedited.)

PS. Have a nice weekend xo

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