Ray Ban Wayfarers

Ray-Ban Wayfarers* in size medium-  £102 from www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk

I always dreamed of a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and I included them in a couple of my previous posts. 
I adore the classic design and I think that they would suit any face shape or age. 

I decided to go for black ones in size medium. They are simply beautiful and a perfect fit for me. 
Size medium also fits my husband so both of us can wear them. I mentioned before, that I wanted to get a pair of  Designer Sunglasses for my husband to make sure he uses them in the car and the Wayfarers were a great choice. Obviously, my eyewear wishlist doesn't end here :) I would love to own more Ray-Ban Sunglasses , including another pair of Wayfarers in a different colour, the beautiful Aviators and a pair of the Ray-Ban Cats as well. 

Do you own a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses? What is your favourite shape? 

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