Colored Contact Lenses

I haven't tried contact lenses or colored contact lenses until recently, but I blogged about my experience here and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My eyesight is perfectly fine but I was always curious about contact lenses and I find them very intriguing. My older sister uses them on a daily basis instead of prescription glasses and every time I've seen her putting them in I was freaking out. I would have never thought that one day I will actually use coloured contacts, but surprisingly I gave it a go. It took me absolute ages to put the lenses into my eyes for the first time, but after hours of trying different techniques I managed to do it! I am sure that everybody would love to see how they look like with a different eye colour, simply out of curiosity. I was very excited to see my eyes looking totally different and at the beginning it felt really weird to have big blue eyes :) I looked like  a manga character. I picked 15mm lenses and they were a bit too big and didn't look natural. I will go for a smaller size the next time. At the moment I only own one pair, which you can see on the picture below. I thought it will be a good idea to show you a before and after picture. You can see that the size of my natural iris is much smaller than the lens size and because of that my brown eye is still visible on the inside of the colored lense.

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