Review: LIZ EARLE Signature Foundation in shade 03 Nude

Hi everyone!

The full Liz Earle Colour range is finally here and complete with every product I could imagine, from foundations, powders and blushers to eye shadows, lipsticks and mascara.
I declared my love for Liz Earle skincare and make-up many times  and every single product I try is absolutely amazing and I am never disappointed.  I received the Liz Earle Signature Foundation and foundation brush last week and I am very excited to share my thoughts with you.
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LIZ EARLE SIGNATURE FOUNDATION in shade 03 Nude* 25 ml £21.00 link

"Our silky formula offers easy-to-build coverage and glides on easily to give a smooth, radiant finish and an even, natural-looking complexion. Beautifully buildable and blendable, with a special mix of spherical particles and coated pigments that offer long-lasting colour. Enriched with our own natural source vitamin E. Available in nine shades"

First of all -the packaging is gorgeous. It is a classic and elegant design- a glass bottle with a dark navy blue lid and white Liz Earle logo. I love good quality foundations and I am always ready to pay a lot of money if something works for me. I think that prices of Liz Earle make-up are very reasonable, becasue the quality is equal to all expensive, high end brands I tried. 
 I am happy to say, that I am in love with this product. The consistency is lovely and creamy, but at the same time it feels light on the skin. It gives a beautiful finish and medium coverage with one layer or full coverage with two layers. It is easy to apply and blend and looks very natural. Shade 03 Nude is darker than I expected, but it suits my light olive complexion. If you are pale I would suggest shade 01 and if you have average white skin tone, shade 02 would probably be the best option for you. There is nine shades to chose from and I think that everybody will be able to find a close match for their skin tone. One thing about this foundation that really stands out is the lasting power- it stays on my skin all day, without going cakey or patchy. The quality is amazing! I usually set it with Liz Earle natural Finish Loose Powder to achieve a matte finish, but it looks lovely on its own too. 
Overall, I am very impressed and I have been using this foundation every day since I got my little sample in the Liz Earle Beauty Insider magazine. I got the full size product a couple of days later.


"With its semi-flat head, our brush has been specifically designed to effortlessly apply and blend your foundation. The rounded shape allows expert application to those harder-to-reach places around the nose, chin and under eyes."

To be honest, I never use foundation brushes and always apply foundation with my fingers and blend with a  buffing brush, but I gave this brush a go and I love it!  The finish it gives is perfect and it distributes the product evenly allover my face. It really helps to reach tricky areas, like around my nose and under my eyes etc. I used RT buffing brush with the Liz Earle Signature foundation as well, but instead of distributing the product it was sort of absorbing it. I will definitely use this brush to apply my foundation from now on. It is perfect! Liz Earle brushes are made from 100% man-made fibres, so they are animal-friendly :)

And here is my Liz Earle Colour collection. I forgot to photograph the Sheer Skin Tint though :)

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