How To Cope With A Significantly Reduced Libido

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Let us preface this article by saying a reduced libido is not always something you need to “solve.” If it decreases as you get older, as you’re dealing with health considerations, stress at work, or perhaps even pregnancy, then the causes are obvious and won’t require intervention. Moreover, it may just be that your interest has waned over time, and there’s nothing wrong with that nor do you have to justify it to anyone. However, it’s worth communicating this with maturity in your relationship.

In some cases, a reduced libido can be a consequence of health issues or potential influences of note that are worth inspecting. In this post, we’ll discuss a few steps you can take to identify the potential issue, and possibly find a resolution to it. 

Of course, for some, having less of an appetite for anything compared to their past habits can be worrisome, so let’s consider some of the causes and steps you could take to resolve this:

Communicating With Your Partner

While it’s true that you never, ever owe someone intimacy nor should you ever be pressured into it, sometimes, a lack of libido can have an effect on your relationship, particularly if your partner’s drive remains normal. It’s important to be very clear about this and why you think it’s happening - though take care not to apologize or offer excuses, you aren’t to blame here the same as you’re not to blame for having less of an appetite. In fact, how you work through this and communicate is a good sign of the health of your partnership, and if your partner is willing to be there for you. If you can be mature and communicative from day one, you can also expect this from them.

Considering Medical Intervention

That’s not to say you’ll need medication, but it can be ideal to get a medical opinion. For example, visiting a gynaecology clinic can help you deal with matters of a personal nature and help express any pain or difficulties you’ve been having as of late. This way, you can get a precise medical opinion or be referred to someone who may be able to help you.

Therapeutic Counselling 

If you suspect that your libido issue is abnormal, could be related to stress, or interpersonal issues, or perhaps have had trouble coping with other things that may have had an effect (grief can be a big contributor to lessened libido, for example), then speaking to an impartial professional who can help you express yourself can be a wonderful benefit. It’s not always easy to speak of these matters given how personal they are, and so doing so in a safe space can be the step forward you need on your path to resolving the issue, or at least accepting the new norm if it’s entirely natural.

With this advice, you’re sure to cope with a significantly reduced libido and work through its causes or consequences with maturity. Remember - you owe no one your libido, so never apologize for this course of action.


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