Snow Sprinkled Nails- Velvet Manicure in White

I am totally in love with this manicure! It looks like snowflakes sprinkled allover my nails. It is really beautiful in real life and hopefully on the photographs too :) I have never seen anything like this, I have seen other velvet manicures before, but not a white one. I will be trying other colours in the future. So far I used pink (here) and purple (here).
I have been asked many questions about this manicure, so here is a quick Q&A.
Doesn't it feel weird? No, it feels soft and fluffy.
How long does it last? About 3-4 days
Does the velvet fall off after you wash you hands? No, it stays on until you remove it.
Is it hard to remove? It takes about 10 seconds to remove the flocking from one nail, with normal nail polish remover.

and for those asking if this manicure can survive being under running water etc here is proof:
 after doing the dishes :)

it dries quickly, but it won't feel so fluffy anymore

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