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My first Inglot Freedom System Palette

As promised, here is a review of my first Inglot palette. I am very happy with it and I think that the value for money is fantastic! Inglot is actually a Polish brand so I should probably know their products a bit better, but to be perfectly honest, this is my first Inglot purchase in a decade! :)

As mentioned in my holiday haul, I went for the 10 pan option and filled it with a mixture of single colours and some of the rainbow trios. The single shadows were £2.50 each and the rainbow ones were £3.00 each. The prices of Inglot in Poland are amazing, and over 50% cheaper than in UK. Simply because it's a Polish brand. Foreign brands are actually more expensive in Poland. 

The 10 Pan Freedom System Palette costed me £4.00. Yep! The Bristish price is £12.00! In total my full custom palette with shadows came to came to £30.00. Considering the price of MAC, it is an absolute bargain! You can get 3 MAC eye shadows for that price and I got a full 10 pan palette. Obviously, it will cost you more in UK, but it's still cheaper than MAC. The single shadows are £5.00 and rainbow ones are £6.50.

What about the quality? Inglot is just as good (if not better) than MAC in my opinion. All the shades are super pigmented and long lasting. I was pleasantly surprised with the matte rainbow shades, as they are even better than Urban Decay. Yep, just look at the swatches - the pigmentation is amazing!

I got mostly neutral shades, but I also opted for some dupes of MAC shadows. They are all gorgeous and I can't wait to buy more when I go to Poland next year. I will get another 10 pan palette and have one with rainbow shades and one with singles.

125 R - slightly shimmery browns
121 R - slightly shimmery greens

swatches of 125 R, 121 R trios.

106 R - pink toned beige shades
111 R - coll toned beige shades

swatches of 106 R, 111 R trios
107 R - matte browns

swatches of 107 R trio
395 - shimmery/satin beige

132 - very bright shimmery yellow gold - looks stunning with green shades.

605 - rich copper - an exact dupe for MAC Coppering! 

419 - shimmery khaki green - similar to MAC Sumptuous Oilve

450 - shimmery berry shade - exact dupe for MAC Cranberry. 

Left to right: 395, 132, 605, 419, 450

Overall, I am more than impressed with Inglot. Actually... I am obsessed! Obviously, due to being able to get it cheaper when I travel to visit my family in Poland, the shadows are an absolute bargain, but I would happily pay the UK price tag as well, because the formula of Inglot shadows is amazing! I love MAC, but I can get an Inglot dupe for almost all of their colours :)

Have you tried Inglot?



  1. i love this palette!

  2. Inglot are such an amazing alternative for MAC, since their products are just as great. I love their Freedom palettes where you can fill it with whatever you want. The trio eyeshadows x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Wow, beautiful colours and nice review. Never tried Inglot, but heard only good about it, think I should give it a try, as it seems money-friendly. Have a nice evening:)

  4. I've wanted to try Inglot for quite a while now. You chose some beautiful shadows, especially 419 & 450 x


  5. The shimmery khaki green looks amazing! I have yet to try Inglot but after seeing this post, I think I will! x


  6. I adore my Inglot Palettes & they're the best quality shadows I have tried. I love the colours you picked

  7. Such gorgeous colours, love the berry one xx

  8. I've been looking for some really good eye shadows to invest in and I was leaning towards MAC, but I will definitely be checking Inglot out first. Thank you for sharing this, really. xo.

    Janelle | nellevalentine

  9. This looks amazing . xox

  10. I love Inglot and have a smaller version of the Freedom System palette. I have the same olive green shade that you picked up as well as a golden, shimmery beige and a reddish brown shade. The quality is excellent and I'll definitely be adding to my collection. I can't believe how cheap the prices are for you though! I paid so much more for mine in Finland :( xxx

    Kirsty - You can read about my Inglot palette here

  11. This looks gorgeous and so cheap! I've heard of Inglot before but never was on the top of my list to try, but this has changed my mind x

  12. Wow this is so nice, didn't realise it was so big and cheap to! The colours all look so pigmented x

    tmzn loves | beauty blog

  13. I've been wanting to create my own Inglot palette for forever! There is a store really close to me and I love going in and seeing their range of shadows, it's incredible!

  14. I adore Inglot! They're my favourite make up brand (tied with Urban Decay); I rate them much higher than Mac. I discovered them on holiday in New York a few years ago, and came out with three palettes of eyeshadows... and I'm still wanting more!

  15. I LOVE INGLOT. I continue to build my collection of their shadows. Their Sales girls are even nicer in my opinion compared to the MAC girls. In my experience. Their Nail Polishes are great too!

  16. oo lovely , been considering ordering offline for a while!
    the packaging is so sleek and chic I love it!

  17. I would love to try these, I like the idea of picking your own palette and they are such good value. I would spend ages trying to pick my favourites!

  18. I had no idea they were a Polish brand! I was looking to get one of the Freedom palettes last weekend, but I couldn't decide which colours to get based from the site. Thanks for the swatches!

    Dusty Foxes Beauty

    1. It is! I came from Poland and I remember their beginning - I was a very young girl then and it was my first make-up (they were much cheaper then now! ;-)).

  19. I could use your palette! The colors are so "mine"!

    I have just bought my first small Freedom System Palette (the smallest one) and there are 125 R - slightly shimmery browns, 121 R - slightly shimmery greens in it ;-)

  20. I recently purchased a 5 shadow palette and five eyeshadows, three of which have come and two I am still waiting for. I can't wait to start using it. The shades I have are so nice.


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