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Weekend Pamper #01

When I am feeling down, all I want to do is take a long hot bath, put a face mask on (or three) and have some 'me time' to help me relax and lift my mood.  I have a little routine that I usually stick to, but the products I use change all the time. The more luxurious they are, the better the experience :) Without further ado, let me tell you about all the steps in my pamper routine.

STEP 1: Calming tea blend
I either go for chamomile, mint or something caffeine free like Purity Tea by Higher Living*. It contains liquorice, so it is very sweet, but it really helps me relax. The herbs used in this blend include peppermint, spearmint, dandelion root, ginger and sage. It's delicious! My teacup is the Ayaka Mug from Anthropologie, if you are interested :)

STEP 2: Luxury, non toxic candle.
I am done with cheap, toxic candles. I would rather spend more money on something that is safe and won't harm me or my family. Neom's Enchantment Candle is one of my favourite scents ever and I repurchased it recently. It is a gorgeous combination of bluebell, sweet guaiac wood and rose - a perfect blend for a pamper night. 

STEP 3: Luxurious bath.
I am obsessed with Laura Mercier's Creme Brulee range and I am still enjoying my sale buys :) All LM gift sets go on sale after Christmas, so it is the best time to stock up on some indulgent bath time treats. I add the Bath Salts and Honey Bath to the water to fill my bathroom with the most incredible sweet scent and words can't describe how good it makes me feel. The scent lingers on the skin as well, so I end up smelling like a a creme brulee dessert :)

STEP 4: Deep Cleansing Face Mask.
When I am in the bath, I apply a deep cleansing face mask to get rid of excess oil, impurities and help with any blemishes. Believe it or not, this was my first time trying GLAMGLOW properly and I must admit - I am pretty impressed. I remember getting a small sample in the past, but it was almost empty, so I didn't get to try it on my face :( This time I got to experience the tingling sensation of 'Youth-mud' and the clearing action of 'Super-Mud'. I am really pleased with the results and I will be purchasing the white version full size. I am struggling with blemishes at the moment, so it is the best option for me. Super-Mud can also be used as a spot treatment and it reduces the size of active blemishes and prevents future breakouts.

The original GlamGlow 'Youth-Mud' is more of a quick fix for dull skin, providing a brightening effect and adding radiance. The tingling sensation was very gentle for me to be honest and it didn't feel uncomfortable, so don't be put off by scary reviews :)

I noticed that both masks are available from for only £34.95, which is £10 less than most of the other stockists.

STEP 5: Exfoliating Mask/Peel
I normally use my REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask for this step, but this weekend I tried the Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel* (£19.50) and I fell in love! It left my skin feeling absolutely amazing (combined with GlamGlow Super-Mud) and really improved it's texture after just one use. It's amazing what a gentle peel can do, If you are looking for a relatively cheap exfoliating and resurfacing mask, you need this in your life! I actually prefer it to the REN one.

STEP 6: Body Scrub
Is it just me, or does everyone take a shower after a bath? I always do this and I either use a body wash or a scrub. My recent discovery is the Shiffa Sweetness Body Polish* (£45.00) and it is an absolute dream to use. It smells exactly like the Sweetness Body Lotion I mentioned in my recent Holiday Beauty blog post and it feels very luxurious, which is expected with the high price tag. The brown sugar doesn't feel too scratchy on the skin and it gently exfoliates, while the exotic oils deeply nourish the skin. It contains rosemary, grapefruit, almond oil and coconut oil. It is divine!

STEP 7: Moisturise
Since I already mentioned Shiffa's Sweetness Body Lotion last week, I thought I should try something different, but sweet enough to go with all the products I used in the bath and shower. I went for Greenland Coconut-Tangerine Body Butter* (£8.95) - a combination of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut & tangerine essential oils. It smells lovely and feels very moisturising. Perfect for coconut lovers!

STEP 8: Eye Mask
Once I am done with body care, I apply all my skincare and an eye mask. Skyn's Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels* (£25.00 for 8x2) work perfectly as a quick fix for tired eyes and they also feel very soothing. I keep them on for around 30-40 minutes and they leave my under eye area hydrated, refreshed, firm and less puffy.

STEP 9: Manicure
While the eye masks are working their magic, I start my manicure (and pedicure). This week I opted for Deborah Lippmann's gorgeous red colour called It's Raining Men* (£16.00) and a sparkly purple shade Good Girl Gone Bad*(£16.00) as an accent colour on my ring finger. The formula of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes is incredible and they last on my nails for 3-4 days which is fantastic in my case. You can actually get away with applying just one coat, but I went for two for an even, opaque finish. To nourish my cuticles, I used Viridian's Nail & Cuticle Oil, which is one of my favourite choices. I am dying to try Deborah Lippmann The Cure Cuticle Cream & Cuticle Oil though.

Step 10: Sleep prep
After doing my manicure, I get ready for bed and I spray my bedroom and pillow with the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It really helps me relax and I am currently finishing my second bottle. I would definitely recommend it, if you have trouble falling asleep.

What are your favourite pamper products and what does your pamper ritual consists of? I would love to know.

*PR samples




  1. Loved this post!! I've been eyeing the LM honey bath, is it worth the investment?

    1. Thank you. I absolutely love it and I will definitely repurchase it, so yes - I think it is worth every penny :)

  2. What a lovely pampering you have set up for yourself. You have covered all the bases! I have a similar routine, that differs only in my preference for more aromatharapy baths so I like Kniepp Bath oil/salts in Lavender or Melissa for relaxation. I like using Bliss Hot scrub (you apply this to dry skin and it warms up as you massage it in and melts off as you submerge in water) so I'm exfoliated and facilitates uptake of my body butter later. My candles all have to burn clean, I usually stick with soy based. I have a lot to chose from but I usually will heat diluted essential oils. I find those fill the room best and I have some amazing blends and burners that cast lovely glows around the room. I am glad you enjoyed your experiance with GlamGlow. I found the grnaules to large and harsh for me. I profess an addiction to my clarisonic and the addictive smell of the Kate Sommerville Daily Scrub. When I'm pampering after a thorough cleanse and a mask from one of my rotation I will put on Guerlains' Midnight Secret, face and neck. I will use an eye cream appropriate for the season, right now I.m using one by Omorovivica that i nice and lightweight, and then I don't forget to exfoliate my lips with Sara Happ Creme Brulee and then aply her lip treatment. I love your choice of DL nails. She has wonderful polish. I love her nail prep and cuticle oil too. Right now I'm lovin' Guerlains' gel polish (though colors are limited) & Chanel. I like using Solar Manicure as a scrub for hands. Your hands feel so softer (the scrub does have oil in it). I like Guerlains' Aqua Body Serum a lot because of its fast uptake into my skin. The last thing I may do to pamper myself is put some Caviar CC cream 10-in1 in my hair for some overnight relief!

  3. That looks like an extensive pamper session! How I wish I could indulge in one! weekends are the busiest for me! :'-(

    Lipstick Queen Saint Eden Review | TheConscienceFund

  4. Nice post! I need a good pamper slash pamper shopping trip =] xx.

  5. What a lovely pampering routine! I've heard a lot about the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, and sounds like it's just what I need on work nights to get off to sleep.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  6. Ahhh this looks so relaxing! I love an evening of pampering in the bath with some favorite products. Thanks for the info about all the products--I am definitely going to try the Laura Mercier bath products (honey is my favorite scent/taste) and the Glam Glow Super-Mud! I'm glad you had the chance to pamper yourself! xx

    The What's In Between

  7. I'm dying to try something from Laura Mercier!


  8. With the exception of the pillow spray which I already own, I feel like I need everything you mentioned! I'm expecially curious about the Merumaya peel, since I wasn't disappointed about their brand until now!

    x Giada | Miel Café

    1. What have you tried already from MERUMAYA?

  9. Lovely pamper routine :)

    I really want to try the Laura Mercier creme brulee products, they sound so yummy!!! Just can't bring myself to spend all that money on them!


  10. The Laura Mercier honey bath looks so indulgent, thanks for the tip about the after christmas sales! xx


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