Friday, 4 October 2013

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Candle Review

Candles are something I absolutely adore. I always have. I remember being told off for burning candles as a teenager, because my room was full of them. I secretly dreamed about marrying someone who shares my love for candles, but unfortunately... my husband isn't a fan, unless it is a simple vanilla, or cinnamon scent. Well... I will just enjoy my candles alone :) When I found out that Aromatherapy Associates are bringing back their candles, I  was very excited, especially about the Revive one. Their Revive range is my favourite. 

The Aromatherapy Associates Revive Candle*  (£34.00, 40h burn time) is set in a frosted glass jar with AA logo allover and comes in a beautiful gift box. Aromatherapy Associates candles are hand poured in UK and made from the highest quality soy was, with unbleached cotton wicks and 100% GM free ingredients.

The Revive fragrance is a blend of essential oils of grapefruit and petitgrain, making it a true citrus delight! As soon as I light the candle I can smell the zingy grapefruit and fresh, slightly woody notes of petitgrain (citrus sinensis). It is a gorgeous, uplifting scent, with an ability to put me in a great mood within minutes. Surprisingly, my husband likes it too. I am happy to see that he started to enjoy citrusy blends. I can't possibly burn vanilla candles every day!


-make sure to burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours (or until the wax melts allover, creating an even wax pool), but not longer than 4 hours.
-trim the wicks - apparently 6 mm is the perfect length, never trim them too short though!
-always place your candle on an even surface, in a draft free place, avoid moving it once lit
-keep your candles in boxes, or cover them with candle lids - you don't want dust allover your luxurious candle!

The Revive Candle is available from

When your wick looks like this, it definitely needs trimmed :)

*PR sample



  1. I love candles and get most of mine from Lily Flame, they have amazing scents to choose from! Xx

  2. Really lovely I rarely have any nice candles but my dad loves them ^^ This would be such a great present ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. Candles are the best. I am saving up for a Neom one right now.



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