New Bedroom Decor: Yellow, Grey and White

I mentioned in some of my previous posts, that I redecorated our master bedroom, but still had some work to do. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to change the colour of the walls or the flooring yet, but... if we decide to stay here for longer than 6 months, I will paint the wall light grey and get gorgeous white wood flooring. Anyway... Here is the bedroom after a little makeover. I will make sure to list everything I bought :)

The bed is still the same, a divan bed with 4 big drawers underneath (similar here). It is sooo comfy! In our previous house, we had old style white furniture, with a shabby chic vibe and my husband didn't really like it. I decided to totally change the style and go for a more modern look, with some patterned accessories and a pop of colour. The main problems were the horrid wallpaper, carpets and the ridiculous wardrobe space (WTF???) we are stuck with at the moment, but hey... Let's just ignore them and enjoy the rest :)

I replaced old style furniture with the Malm range from Ikea. I got rid of my giant dressing table and went for the Malm Chest Of Drawers with a mirror (£75). It is great for makeup storage and doesn't make the bedroom look girly (like my old dressing table). The big drawers are two Malm units, joined together. They were £45 each and we got the transparent glass top (£20) to go on top of them, which came to a total of £110 for the full unit - not bad actually. I was originally planning to get the 6 drawer chest, but it was too low and it would look ridiculous with our high bed :) I am sooo pleased with the Malm range. It is simple and very spacious. The drawers are very deep and perfect for storage. To go with the units, I bought two Malm bedside tables (£25 each). They are an absolute bargain and look much more expensive. Again, we got glass tops for them, at £6 each. You have to love Ikea :) haha. The prices are sooo good!

I also wanted a new headboard and a matching blanket box, but it was a struggle to find them in normal shops. I searched ebay and found the quilted white faux leather headboard (£32.99) and blanket box (£64.99) and ordered them right away. The headboard looks and feels very expensive, but the blanket box was an absolute nightmare to assemble and I would not recommend it. It looks nice, but feels quite cheap for the price tag! 

The big white standing mirror is from Argos (£39.99) and it was a gift from my in-laws. The lamp on my husbands side is from TK Maxx and it was £40. I have another one, but it needs a new shade. I might get new yellow shades for both lamps to add more colour to the room. The small glass vases and yellow tulips are from Ikea and were probably £1 each. I can't remember to be honest. The white frames on the main wall are from Ikea too and I put some striped yellow fabric inside them, because I didn't really want any photos in the bedroom. 

The fancy white antique frame is my favourite piece in the room and I found it in the reduced section of Ikea for only £19.99!!! I removed the glass and placed a quirky little plaque from Next with words 'When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade' inside. It was only £5 and you can find it in Next Home (not available online). When I was in Next, I also picked up the big yellow cushions, at £12 each. They have an interesting texture and add a a nice touch of yellow to the decor. The grey fluffy cushion covers are from BM Bargains and were only £2.99 each. 

The small chevron print cushion (£9.50) and grey chevron bedding (£13.95 + P&P) are from ebay. I had a hard time finding chevron textiles, but ebay is always the best option :)  The white knitted throw is from Ikea and it is the Ursula Throw in white (£20.00). The dark grey one is the 'Gurli' throw and it was only £10.00 (currently £8.50). 

My white wooden heart shaped trey is from Zalando, but it isn't available anymore. I am glad I managed to get it in the sale. It is absolutely stunning an perfect for storing perfumes! You can get a similar one on ebay here for £7.95.The little heart plaque (below) is from BM Bargains and I added a white & yellow ribbon to it and placed it inside a photo frame :)

Let's ignore the TV and Playstation... I didn't want any technology in the bedroom, but my husband managed to convince me somehow. The Playstation is going, once Scott gets bored with the new GTA... Sigh...

The hourglass with yellow sand inside is from TK Maxx and it is a very old, but precious find. I adore the Home Section in TK Maxx, because they always have the most beautiful, unique pieces. Most of my living room decor bits are from there and everyone always asks about them. The cute jewellery stand is from asos (old stock) and the white plant pot (£3.00) is from Ikea. 

Q & A Journal (amazon),  Silver Filigree Journal* (Paperblanks)

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some home decor ideas :) I love our new bedroom and I can't wait to actually OWN a house and be able to do everything exactly the way I want it, including flooring and walls. I am simply sick of renting houses and moving all the time... it is exhausting, especially with a toddler around.  

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