Bloom & Wild Flowers - Delivered Through Your Letterbox

I couldn't believe my eyes, when I saw this 60cm long box pop through my letterbox. Literally! I am not even kidding! I was kindly sent the flowers by Bloom & Wild, a brand new subscription service, offering fresh flower deliveries through your letterbox. Sounds crazy and amazing, doesn't it? 

I was worried that the flowers might get damaged in transit, but... they arrived safely, in perfect condition. They were arranged in the box carefully, secured in protective packaging and water vials to keep them fresh. No risk of the flowers dying in transit whatsoever! 

The bouquet I received features gorgeous yellow lilies, chrysanthemum and some smaller cream and yellow beauties. When the bouquet arrived, the lilies were still closed up, but some of them opened up  the next day and the rest blossomed within 3-4 days. You can see them in all their glory on the photos below. 

I decided to arrange the flowers in a couple of vases to make my full house look and smell lovely. I also used the purple ribbon to decorate a simple jar. You can be as creative as you want. I am still shocked with the amount of flowers in the box! The full bouquet was enormous!

Most importantly... 2 weeks later... The yellow chrysanthemums are still looking perfect! How is it even possible? I am seriously impressed! The lilies started dying after 10 days, which is pretty incredible anyway. I think I will get another week out of the chrysanthemums, because they still look, like they have been freshly cut! 

If you like the idea of flowers being delivered through your letterbox, you can subscribe to Bloom & Wild's weekly, fortnightly or monthly service, or order a gift subscription box. Prices start from £13.95.

Use a promo code: Bloomtime6 for £5 off your first bouquet.

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*I received the bouquet free of charge

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