Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Manicure and Accessorize Rock Star Gift Set

I recently ordered a super cheap Accessorize Rock Star Gift Set from Superdrug and it came with some lovely nail polishes. I have no idea what the shades are called,  because there is no info on the bottles or the packaging, but... they are beautiful! One bottle costs £4, if bought separately, but if you buy a gift set, you get everything for a fraction of the retail price.

The nude colour is very easy to apply, but it needed 3 coats, because of it's thin consistency. It dries quickly though and lasted on my nails for 3 days without chipping, which is amazing (in my case). I think I might start using thinner formulas - they seem to last longer on my nails. The glitter polish is much thicker and took a bit longer to dry, but the effect is very pretty.

I am very pleased with the gift set and it was an absolute bargain! The set included 3 nail polishes (£4.00 each), a baked bronzer (£6.00) , a baked blusher (£5.00), a mascara (£5.00), a body wash and a body butter (not sold separately). All that for £6.70!!! The makeup and nail polishes are worth £28.00 on their own and you get the body products as well! Amazing! I must admit... I bought it for the makeup and I won't be using the body products, but... my younger sisters will be happy to use them, so it's not a problem :) 

I am not sure, if you can buy this set in-store. I got mine from Superdrug online here.


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  1. Wow that is a bargain, the baked bronzer looks gorgeous :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love the look of that nude pink polish, it's such a pretty colour!
    I love the Accessorize blushers :) x

  3. I love that glitter nail polish!

  4. £6.70 is such a great price. I love Accessorize make up, especially their blushers.
    Your nails look so pretty xx

  5. I love the glittery polish, really pretty!x

  6. I really want that blusher big time! I have had my eye on it for aaaages x

  7. That's such a lovely nude nail colour, and I love the contrast with the glitter nail! I think you might be right about thinner formulas lasting longer - the thickest nail polish I've got (Mavala) won't last 24hrs before it chips.

  8. These colors are so pretty together

  9. OMG this set is super and so inexpensive!!!
    I love the colours of the nail polishes, I can't wait to see the third!
    Have a great day


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