Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner review


"Soothing leave-in scalp tonic with anti-microbial and anti-flaking formula provides immediate and long lasting relief from irritation. Begin with shampoo for flaky/itchy scalps followed by appropriate conditioner. Lightly towel dry hair and apply to scalp from nozzle in 1" (3cm) sections. Distribute with fingertips. Do not rinse. Comb through and style, can be reapplied when required."

My scalp gets a bit itchy and flaky sometimes. I have no idea why, but it can be quite annoying.
It isn't anything I seriously worry about, but I thought that getting something to soothe it will be a good idea. 

I noticed a small bottle of the Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner on for only £6 so I ordered it right away. 
I have been using it for a couple of weeks and it really helped to soothe my itchy scalp.

It gives instant relief and long lasting effects as well, so if you suffer from a flaky/itchy scalp you will love this product and you will notice a difference from the first use.

There isn't much more I can say. It definitely sorted my itchy scalp and I highly recommend it.

Bourjois Faux and Fabulous Miss Couture Eyelashes

BOURJOIS FAUX & FABULOUS MISS COUTURE LASHES: Paperself for Bourjois*  £10.99 
"Lace and catwalk inspired, Miss Couture lashes for elegance and high-end glamour. 
Created in collaboration with Paperself, the world’s leading paper –art brand for lashes. Uniquely fashionable, chic and stylish in design, they are the ultimate fashion accessory to be bang on trend this season!
Lashes can be applied in full or you can even get creative and cut them into several mini lashes for a combination of different looks.
Lashes are re-usable and can be applied as an overlay to existing false lashes"

I don't think I have ever been so amused and in love with a pair of false eyelashes.
I am totally in love and can't get over their gorgeousness!
Miss Couture lashes are a set from Bourjois new Faux & Fabulous Collection and they wowed me! 
Bourjois teamed up with Paperself to bring us this beautiful, unique design.

The lashes are a piece of art, made with delicate, wearable paper.
The application is very easy, seriously. They are actually easier to apply than normal false lashes, because the paper strip is very flexible and will adjust to the shape of your eye. You can cut them down to a smaller size if the strip is too long. I had to cut one little section off and used it for my bottom lash line.

Miss Couture lashes are very comfortable to wear and look exceptional!
I wish I could wear them every day without getting weird looks from my husband :) 
They are perfect for special, occasions, photoshoots and parties and if you are celebrating Halloween today, you can glam up your makeup with a pair of these gorgeous lashes. They are elegant and sexy and if you want to create an original look, you can use your imagination and style these any way you want.

I used them in three different ways: on my top lash line, top and bottom lash line and as an accent in the outer corner. I think I will create another look in the future, because I can't wait to use these again!

Overall, Bourjois Miss Couture lashes are absolutely beautiful and if you decide to buy them, you can grab a pair from Superdrug, Boots and Asos. They are currently on offer in Superdrug for only £5.99 and on top of that there is a 3 for 2 offer so you can get three pairs for just £11.98! Bargain.

PS. This post is picture heavy. I just couldn't stop photographing these! I am sure you will understand :)

I am wearing purple eyeshadows from MUA Poptastic palette  and Maybelline lipstick in shade 240 Silver Plum



Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bourjois lashes: Faux and Fabulous More Volume Urban Chic

"Bourjois More Volume False Lashes will give you that dramatic look that will stop them in their tracks.
Bourjois volume lashes have a textured effect that creates volume where it counts most!"

I mentioned many times that I adore Bourjois, especially their liquid 16h eye liner- my Holy Grail liner.
I actually had an obsession with their products for a couple of years and I think I had every single eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara etc from the Bourjois stall in Boots :) haha
It is definitely my favourite high street brand. 

I also love false lashes, so when I received some new products from Bourjois I did a happy dance :)
I got two pairs of lashes: More Volume and Miss Couture. Today I am reviewing the first pair.

I really like the size of the lashes, they are perfect for adding volume and length.
What I love about these is the unique design- the lashes are short and fine in the inner corner and thick and long in the outer corner, which makes them look really natural.
They feel light and the application is very easy. 
Once applied, they stay in place all day.
I will be reviewing the other pair tomorrow with a very elegant Halloween look  idea :)

FACE: Mac Sculpting creams in Accentuate and Copper Beech, Revlon PhotoReady foundation mixed with Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle, Collection 2000 concealer, Clarins Odyssey Face Palette, Lily Lolo Mineral Shimmer. Cheeks: Look Beauty blusher- Pinch. EYES: Clarins Rosewood eye shadow quartet, Bourjois 16h liquid liner in brown, Bourjois Queen Attitude Mascara, Bourjois Faux and Fabulous More Volume lashes. LIPS: YSL Rouge Volupte 02 Sensual silk.  BROWS: Stargazer semi-permanent pencil in brown

Monday, 29 October 2012

Clarins Limited Edition Odyssey face Palette review


"A special edition Christmas case to whisk you away to the elegant and sumptuous world of Ancient Greece. 
This golden case houses a silky, fine and lightweight compact powder, to enhance and even out all types of complexions. Decorated with a medallion with engraved edges and scrolls scattered with gold-coloured mother-of-pearl, it lights up the face and neck with a shimmering effect that's perfect 
for the festive season. Dermatologically tested."

The Odyssey Face Palette is another gorgeous limited edition product from Clarins new collection.
I reviewed the eye shadow palette last week (here) and many of you decided to buy it or put it on your Christmas wishlist. I am sure you won't regret it. It is a beautiful palette.

The face palette is absolutely stunning too. The beautiful design in the front is actually a 3D design and you can feel the details with your fingers and it looks very luxurious.
The gold case comes with a big mirror inside and a red velvet pouch to keep it safe and prevent scratching. 
I love pretty packaging and if a product is beautifully presented, the chance of me buying it goes from 20% to 99% :)

The design on the inside is breathtaking and when I opened the powder for the first time I struggled to actually swatch it, because I didn't want to ruin the embossed masterpiece :) I am being serious!

When I actually swatched it, I discovered that the gold glitter comes off with the first sweep, so you don't need to worry about a glittery finish on your face. The light beige powder itself feels soft and velvety and gives a lovely matte  finish. I use it on top of foundation and it works really well at keeping my face matte for about 6 hours. After that period I need to top up, using a powder brush or a powder puff/applicator. 
Some powders make my pores appear more visible, but this one doesn't. It won't clog pores or dry skin. It feels light and looks very natural. It will suit any skin type and most skin tones.

I adore this face palette and I use it every day. Sometimes if I decide not to wear foundation, I just use this powder to even out my skin tone, cover blemishes and prevent my t-zone from looking shiny.

Just like the Odyssey Eye Shadow Quartet, this Palette will make a perfect Christmas gift.

You can buy it from and from Clarins counters.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

NOTD- Back to Mint Green

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday and enjoyed an extra hour in bed :)
For me it isn't the clock telling me when to get up- it is my baby boy, so I never get extra sleep :) haha

When I was organizing my nail polishes (again) I couldn't resist painting my nails with the gorgeous Mint Candy Apple by ESSIE. It is such a beautiful shade!  
The only problem is the chipping, it chips after one day, unless it is used on fake nails (lasts for a week). 
I added a bit of sparkle with Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream and I loooooove it :)

Do you go back to summer colours sometimes in Autumn and Winter?

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Hi everyone.

I just went through my blog photos on my hard drive and when I was deleting the old pictures I found this one and I thought that it will be nice to actually add a picture of me smiling :) 
We all pull weird faces for blog photos sometimes, don't we?

When my baby boy looked at this photo he actually smiled and laughed so it must be a positive one  :)
I think I was actually very happy that day :)

Have a nice weekend!
Sandra xo

Cruelty free Youngblood lipstick : Tangelo

YOUNGBLOOD LIPSTICK in shade Tangelo* 4g £14.00 link

"Get gorgeous lips with Youngblood’s colourful range of luxurious Lipsticks . The hydrating, lanolin- free formula contains a special blend of natural oils and vitamins that fill lips with rich, velvety and colour that stays fresh-looking for hours. Youngblood’s Lipsticks are made with natural ingredients such as sunflower oil and candellila wax and enriched with vitamin E to keep lips moist and protected. Designed to apply smoothly with no dragging, these cruelty-free Lipsticks contain no animal products such as lanolin and are free from perfumes and chemical dyes. Youngblood’s Lipsticks are available in 25 vibrant colours within the shade categories of sheer, metallic, pearl, cream and matte."
I have been asked about this gorgeous lipstick many times and everybody seems to love the look of it, including me :) I adore this shade and the formula is amazing! It is the most hydrating lipstick I have ever tried and it is full of natural oils an vitamins to keep your lips nourished.
I adore the shade I received- it is called Tangelo and it is a sheer coral orange shade. It looks very flattering against tanned skin, but I also had a look at some pictures of this shade on pale skin and it looks incredible! I usually prepare my lips with a scrub and lip balm before applying lipsticks, but this one feels like a lip balm so doesn't need any preparation :) It glides on beautifully and feels incredibly hydrating and you can actually see the moisture in the formula. (see swatches) Amazing!
If you are scared of bright orange shades, you can dab it on with your finger or apply it on top of a lip balm for a lovely coral tint. I love coral lips, so I just apply it straight from the tube and go for full coverage to get the bold/statement lip colour I love :)
It stays put for 3-4 hours and it fades evenly, leaving a nice looking coral tint fro hours after application. 
Green light for all cruelty free bloggers- this lipstick is cruelty free, paraben free and lanolin free!
I am in love with this shade and I have a couple of other Youngblood products on my wish list after getting some recommendations from lovely ladies on Twitter.
You can buy the lipstick and other Youngblood products from

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