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INIKA Cosmetics- Mineral foundation powder and and mineral eyeshadows

I love mineral makeup and I fell in love with INIKA when I got their eyeliner in  my April Glossybox.
The consistency, the colour and the amazing ingredients stole my heart.
Today I am reviewing more INIKA products including a mineral foundation powder in shade nurture and four highly pigmented  mineral eye shadows.
All INIKA products are certified organic or vegan, certified Halal 
and cruelty free.

INIKA Mineral Foundation Powder*, shade: nurture 8g £25.55  link

I started using mineral foundations a couple of months ago and I loved the finish, so I was very excited to try one from INIKA. I am not disappointed. The shade I got is called Nurture and it suits most average white skin tones. There is a selection of 9 shades so I am sure you will find a match for your skin. I was unsure what shade I should get , so I picked the safe option :) Nurture is perfect  for me and looks very natural. The coverage is great. I recently burnt my face with a curling wand and I am left with a scar (3x1cm) so i had to start using a concealer and foundation to cover it. (I was using tinted moisturisers before) This mineral foundation is a 3 in 1 product and works as a concealer, foundation and powder. I didn't expect it to camouflage my scar, but it did! I didn't need extra concealer! I used my Real Techniques buffing brush to apply it and the finish is very natural and flawless. It doesn't look cakey and it feels very light. I use a setting spray to finish it off and it stays on all day, looking lovely and fresh. (the spray I use is L'occitane Angelica Hydration Face Mist). If pores around your nose are very visible I would recommend using a primer like Porefessional to minimize the appearance of them.
Inika foundations are made with natural ingredients and offer natural sun protection with SPF15.
The only bad thing I can point out is the packaging. Like most mineral products, powders and pigments it comes with a sieve, but nothing to cover it and the powder goes absolutely everywhere, unless you find something to sort out this problem. I did :) and I will be adding a post about it tomorrow. No more mess for me and I can finally carry my mineral foundations and eye shadows in my handbag.
shade: Nurture
 INIKA foundation in shade Nurture (no primer or concealer) + ELF blusher

Inika eye shadows are very pigmented and stay on my eye lids all day without a primer. The colours are beautiful and vibrant and perfect for everyday wear or a fun nigh time look. They are very versatile and can be used wet or dry, as a shadow or eyeliner. They are made with natural ingredients and suitable for sensitive eyes. You can see on the swatches, how beautifully pigmented they are. I love all the shades I received and to be honest, I haven't touched other eye shadows since I got these :)
I like using shades Mango and Gold Dust allover the lid for a simple look, or combine two colours together to create something a little bit more fun. 
The application is very simple. Pick up a little powder, press the product into the brush, tap off the excess and apply as desired. I used my finger a couple of times and it worked to.
Kingfisher must  be my favourite shade, it is a gorgeous bright green and it looks beautiful on tanned skin. I use it allover the lid, in the outer corners or as a liner and I love it! It looks amazing! (see below) I will be trying Mango as a liner next. I think I won't be using a black liner for a while :)
KINGFISHER: bold and bright shimmering green
GOLD DUST:  light shimmering gold colour
LIGHTENING: pure and flashy neon white
MANGO:  a fun and flirty shade of orange
Mango, Lightening, Gold dust, Kingfisher
in shade Kingfisher
L-R: Kingfisher, Mango, Lightening, Gold Dust (all without a primer)
Lightening in the inner corners, Kingfisher in outer corners (applied lightly without a primer)
Gold dust allover the lid (I applied it lightly with my finger , no primer)
Mango allover the lid, applied lightly with an eyeshadow brush, no primer


  1. great! i love the last color think that will suit me.looks really nice on u.

  2. Your skin looks flawless, iv always shied away from mineral foundations because I thought they wouldn't give me the coverage I like but I'd really like to try this!x

  3. Wow love the look of these! They all look so smooth and beautiful! The foundation makes your skin look crazy smooth, like totally perfect! The shadows are just gorgeous!

    The Urban Umbrella



  4. love these looks :) your skin is flawless! i'm so jealous! x

  5. Your skin looks amazing! These products sound really good, I tried an Inika eyeshadow when it was free with a magazine a while ago and it was so beautifully pigmented x


  6. These look SO good and I love the eye combinations you've put together. I saw these at the QVC party a little while ago but obviously didn't pay them enough attention. Gorgeous! Lx

  7. What an amazing post!!! I love how pigmented those mineral eyeshadows are. Obviously, you put the real-art on them :D XOXO

  8. This is so comprehensive! I think the mineral eyeshadows look amazing :)

    xx Veronica


  9. Lovely colours & the mineral foundation looks lovely!

    Thanks for a great review, helped me today as I wondering about these types of foundation, so will definitely be giving them a go :)

    Samantha xx

  10. Wow, Kingfisher is super gorgeous! xoxoxo

  11. These products sounds really good and i remembered you doing a blogpost a while ago on their eyeliner. I am loving mineral foundation recently too because of the nice finish it gives and feels like almost nothing :) The eyeshadow colours are so pretty and very pigmented indeed. I may have to try out some mineral eyeshadows soon~ Your eye make up looks lovely :)


  12. those are some amazing eyeshadows and love the looks you have created with them! xo

  13. Love the cat eye and some beautiful eyeshadows! I love your blog!
    Maybe could you have a look at my blog popcornandpersephone.blogspot.com
    Ally xoxox

  14. I REALLY LOVE THAT GREEN !!!! ooo so pretty, your killing me that i cant get that here in Canada. Also love the coral so pretty these shades. Also that green look is nicely done xox

  15. You are gorgeous! Loving the look of Kingfisher as an eyeliner x

  16. I love that green it's so pretty, the color combo of that shimmer pearl and the green + the cat eye on you is flawless. The coral is so pretty is well. I'd have to say for a company I haven't heard from before they payoff quite well. GREAT JOB !!

    ♥ KT

  17. Omg! Your eye make up look stunning!

  18. I love the Gorgeous color... looks lovely

    xx shey


  19. thanks for this post! i have ordered a trial size of the mineral powder - hope it works for me! <3

  20. Gorgeous. Love those shades on you!


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