Famous Dave's Tanning Mousse review- gold edition

I have tried so many self tanning products in the past couple of months that I think I need to stop getting new ones for a while :) I love fake tan and I have got a weekly tanning routine that I will be writing about very soon. I was kindly sent Famous Dave's tanning mousse to try out and I was very surprised to find out that it is a perfect match for my skin tone!
FAMOUS DAVE'S TANNING MOUSSE* gold edition 200ml, £24.95 link 

When it comes to fake tan I always like using a mousse. It absorbs instantly and is usually streak free. Famous Dave's Gold Edition Tanning Mousse is exactly what I expect from a good quality tanning mousse. It is paraben-free and has no added fragrance. It is a blend of natural ingredients, antioxidants and EHA (a natural agent that tans a deeper layer of the skin for a more realistic and longer-lasting tan that fades evenly).
I received a tanning mitt as well and that's what I used to apply this mousse. It glides on beautifully and sinks into the skin right away, leaving it totally dry to the touch. I was expecting it to be darker to be honest, but the colour looked very natural on my skin. In fact it is the exact colour of my natural tan. I was very surprised with the outcome, pleasantly surprised :)
The consistency of the mousse is very light and it is an olive green colour, but don't be put off by that, you won't turn into a green monster :) It is totally fragrance free and there is no smell when the tan develops either. Amazing! You don't need to worry about staining your bedding or clothes and you are ready to go as soon as it dries (instantly).
After showering in the morning I noticed that the colour looks more golden than immediately after application and I was left with a gorgeous sunkissed glow. There is no orange undertone to the tan, it is a gorgeous olive colour perfect for anybody who is scared of looking like a TOWIE girl :) haha

It fades gracefully and evenly. The glow lasted for a full week, before I had repeat my routine. Obviously it wasn't a deep bronze colour at the end of the week, but I still looked tanned before I decided to apply self-tan again.
You can get Famous Dave's products online or in your local Boots. I actually seen a big selection in my local Boots and I was tempted to try more :) But I need to use up everything I have got before I buy a new bottle :)
Immediately after application, you can see the difference in colour :) That's how my tan would look naturally!

*PR sample
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