Monday, 25 June 2012

Give your nails a break. They deserve some TLC.

Strong nails are something I have always dreamed of... I don't know why, but no matter what I do my nails are always very weak.
Because of the condition of my nails, I try to give them a break once a month for a full week.
I stop using nail polish and false nails, I use a nail treatment, more cuticle oils and hand creams.
I also wear gloves when I wash the dishes. That one week a month is enough to give my nails a break and make them look more healthy.
How often do you use nail polish? Does it damage your nails? Do you ever give your nails a break?


  1. I find when my nails aren't painted they are weaker because I tend to bite and take less care of them. But it is always a good idea to have a break from things in every terms - hair, make up etc. :) xx

    1. I feel the same way LOL Nail polish = Not bite for me ^^ I also agree that we should take a break from everything in order to reset/restore our nails, hair, skin xx

    2. I always take a break from nail polish, makeup and hairspray and styling when I feel that I need it.

  2. I'm addicted to wearing nail polish, it's not that I love nailpolish (which i do) but I just don't like the way my nails look without nailpolish, so whenever I remove my nailpolish I have to re-paint them because other wise I just can't focus on anything except my very ugly nail polish free nails.

  3. I hate the feeling of nail polish free nails but I think that's because they are so damaged! They feel so dry and damaged and sore. Really need to take care of them more.

  4. Same. I used to wear nail polish every single day. My nails got into such a bad condition, but now everything is going so much better. I love the OPI envy, helped me so much. x

  5. My nails are so weak. I am a sucker for nail polish, though I tend to let it chip 'til there's almost nothing left as long - as I have nothing important to do of course. I think it's important to let the nail 'breathe', though some of the reason for it's weakness is my lack of calcium intake.

  6. i use nail polish constantly and have done for almost 20 years. my nails are strong and healthy and they're only short at the moment through choice. i think uve inspired me to do a blog post on nail care actually because i think if u use the correct products and look after ur hands nails and cuticles (cuticles are most important) it doesn't matter if u change ur polish daily or only wear it once in a blue moon xxx

    1. I am one of the unlucky people with very weak nails. I really don't know why. My mums nails are the same. It can't be my diet, because, even before I became vegetarian I had weak nails. My sister on the other hand has got very strong nails and her diet is terrible.
      I would like to see a blog post on nail care :) I hope your tips will help me to get strong nails.

  7. Love this post! Your pictures are beautiful. Nail wise I totally know what you mean, mine are very strong I wouldn't say my diet is amazing though. My mum is a vegetarian and her nails are very weak so she's been trying to up her protein levels to toughen them up a bit. Its great that you're showing how important it is to rest nails though as it really is the best thing if your nails are feeling a bit sad!

  8. I never give them a break, i just can`t stand my bare nails, i love nail polishes too much :D

  9. My nails have been very weak since ... EVER! Like my mother´s.
    And I always wanted to have long and beautiful nails.
    One day I decided to try these products:

    These are the best!! I use the Micro Cell 2000 Nail Wonder for 2 years and now I have the nails I ever wanted to have :-)

    If you have the chance: try it!

    Regards from Germany *


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