AD: Interior Style Tips Based On Your Star Sign

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I am always switching things up in the house and I don't think I will ever be fully happy with it, till I actually get to design my own property from scratch. From little changes like adding new art, cushions or throws, to painting the walls a different colour, I have done it all and I am always thinking of a new project. But did you know that your star sign can influence your aesthetic taste? Interesting, right?

I am not an astrology addict, but I cannot deny that I am a cancerian through and through. All the typical cancer traits you can think of - it's me in a nutshell. That's why I was very intrigued by an article by Fishpools, discussing how our star sign can influence our taste when it comes to decor. 

So what do cancers like according to astrology?  First of all, we're all about staying cosy and we believe that home is where the heart is, so we treat it as a safe-haven and a sanctuary. This is so true! I am such a home body, I absolutely love a night in and being snuggled under a blanket and spending some quality time indoors with my family. As a water sign, we enjoy neutrals with pops of seafoam green and mustard and we're advised to incorporate a calming palette, including white and ivory. When it comes to patterns, it's all about florals and soft designs and again... it's so me! I have floral decor dotted around the full house, including my kitchen and living room. The pictures included in this blog post say it all! I can try to be scandi as much as I want, but I will always be drawn to florals!

What about my husband though? We often clash when it comes to decor, as he loves darker colours and it always takes me ages to convince him to go with a lighter palette. Apparently as a Taurus (Earth sign), he loves darker shades and finer details. Yes and yes! This is very true! Soft textures are also very important for a Taurus to give them a sensual connection to their home and again... I couldn't agree more! Plush rugs and soft throws are a good choice too, to bring warmth and luxury into the home of a Taurus. 

Both of my kids are cancers, like me so we should all be on the same page when it comes to decor. I am looking forward to helping them decorate their separate rooms when they get bigger. At the moment it's all about making it bright and spacious with white furniture and pops of colour.

Speaking of decorating, I am currently refreshing our dining area and opting for something a little bit darker as a compromise between mine and my husbands taste. We've had a white table and chairs for years, but we just repainted it grey and I am hoping to order grey chairs as well. The Amarna set above looks right up my street to be honest and it's definitely the look I am going for. I will make sure to update you when my new dining area is finished. I am really looking forward to see how it turns out.

What is your star sign? Do you think your decor is influenced by it?

You can read the full article here.

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