Vitamix Pro 500 - introduction.

I have been thinking of buying a Vitamix blender/food processor for a while, so imagine my excitement when I was kindly sent the Vitamix Pro 500* to try out for a 6 month period. As you can see, I actually used it before taking photos, because I simply couldn't wait to give it a go! This post is a quick introduction, but I will be adding a proper review and many recipe post in the near future. 

What is Vitamix?

It is a 10 in 1 kitchen appliance, which lets you perform more than 50 kitchen tasks easier, faster and with better results than you can achieve any other way. The Pro 500 is extremely powerful and super easy to use.

What can you make with the Vitamix?

-fresh fruit and vegetable juices,without  losing all the nutrients and fiber
-nut butter, spreads
-milks: almond, coconut etc.
-steaming hot soups from fresh vegetables 
-healthy ice cream 
-fresh salsas (the Vitamix can dice and chop)
-flours: coconut, rice, chickpea etc.
-iced coffee and many more amazing creations.


The Vitamix Pro 500 features 3 pre-programmed settings, variable speed control and pulse function, allowing you to create hundreds of various recipes. It is an extremely powerful appliance with a 2 peak output horsepower motor with a blade speed of 386 km/h! It's insane! It is quite loud and I was terrified at first, but it does the job in seconds/minutes and blends the toughest ingredients easily! The Vitamix features a modern design with a brushed stainless steel finish, a 2 litre shatter proof container and a spill-proof lid. The machine also comes with a tamper to help you with mixing tricky ingredients, like frozen fruit etc. To give you ideas and inspiration, you will also receive a DVD and a recipe book with 300 recipes from gourmet chefs. 

Vitamix Pro 500 comes with full 7 year warranty as well, which is amazing! 

Now onto the part everyone talks about the most - the price. This model costs £599.00 which is insane, but it really is an amazing investment in my opinion. I will be sharing my final verdict and telling you if the Vitamix is worth the price tag next month, but my first impressions are very positive. I am obsessed with the Vitamix and I use it every single day. I actually created a food account on instagram, where I share all my meals, including many Vitamix creations. You can follow me here.

 Vitamix Pro 500 is available directly from , John Lewis and Selfridges.

 Have you heard of this amazing appliance?  

  *I was sent the Vitamix for a 6 month period. I wasn't paid to write this post.



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