Planning my holiday swimwear choices

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Last Summer I didn't really have to overthink my swimwear choices, as we were in a private villa, where no one could see me, but I still wanted to be comfortable, so I opted for a nice swimsuit and didn't care much about getting the right two piece option.

I took a few cheap bikinis with me, but I must admit... they were rubbish. The high waisted briefs and bandeau tops I had just kept rolling down and after a week in the pool I ended up with shapeless, stretched out pieces. So this year I am hoping to invest in a few quality pieces and I have been browsing Simply Beach, as that's where I got my last great swimming costume which I am still obsessed with!

A one piece is what I feel most comfortable in, so I am planning to buy one (or two) more so I can have a few options to choose from. I adore the Pour Moi Navy Flowers design and the Ruched V Neck Suit with a twist detail on the tummy area. I know that we're not  supposed to be self conscious about our bodies, but I really like a control panel around the waist. These go up to a size 22, which is perfect for me.

Next, we have two high waisted bikini options and I am really loving the the retro designs. The white and navy polka dot set has lovely frilly detail on the briefs and the halterneck bra and the red and white striped bikini is a proper pin-up style and ideal to accentuate your waist. 

Last but not least, I was also considering a classic black high waisted bikini, like the one on the right, but with a little twist in the form of ruffles. I love ruffles, as they make it feel more feminine. The floral design on the left is also stunning and right up my street and I can imagine myself lounging by the pool wearing it.

What kind of swimwear do you like? 

Sandra xxx

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