Health update

I thought I should update you all a bit after a long break... First of all...I can't believe it is now the end of January and I am still not back to my normal routine. I just need more motivation. I think I have to switch it up a bit. I apologise in advance,  if the post turns into a ramble :) Here's what I have been up to.

1. I ordered a Blogilates journal recently and started writing down everything I eat  + exercise, sleep, water intake etc... It is a 12 week journal, perfect for those who need help to stay on track. I wish it was a 52 week journal to be honest, but I am glad I got it anyway. 

You can buy the journal here for $30.00 (the delivery takes about 2 weeks). It is overpriced... I know :/

2. I have been drinking a lot of green tea and my favourite way to have it is with ice. I put one teabag of Lemon flavoured Green Tea into a 500ml shaker, add 100ml of boiling water and let it brew for a minute. After removing the tea bag, I add some ice and cold water. Surprisingly, the flavour is very delicate and I really enjoy it. If you are not a fan of normal green tea, try having the flavoured options served as ice tea. Yummy!

Speaking of drinks...I am planning to buy a juicer soon and I have my eye on the Phillips HR1861 from amazon. I can't believe how expensive juicers are, but this one seems like a bargain and does fruit and veggies.

3. With my blogilates journal, I received a free 12 week meal plan and it included a lot of Quinoa. I ordered it on amazon (you can buy it in a supermarkets as well) and I became obsessed with it pretty quickly. It is sooo yummy! It is actually a seed, not a grain, but it is prepared like couscous and rice. It is full of protein, really good for your body and very yummy. 

4. Speaking of the meal plan.... I am not good at following any plans and after being frustrated about not being able to get my hands on Edamame beans, I gave up. I just check my meal plan to see, if I can get some inspiration for new recipes etc, but I prefer my own dishes and a more varied diet to be honest. Would you be able to stick to a meal plan? I just can't do it.

5. I have been doing my usual exercises, mostly using my stationary bike and adding some cardio routines, like Blogilates  or Tone It Up. My favourite is still the Gangnam Style routine, but I have been loving the Pop Kicks as well. Ouch, my legs were so sore after my first try...

The watch I use is a Polar FT4 and you can buy it here (argos), here (ebay).

6. Just like I said, I am a bit bored with doing the same stuff, so I am planning to order a kettlebell set next week to switch things up a bit. I remember Andy (aka Pampered Prince) recommending kettlebell workouts to me and I think I will really enjoy it. I found this set under £50 and it looks perfect. Let me know, if you know about any cheaper ones. 

 I have been really emotional and hormonal recently, but I am hoping to feel better soon. Must be the Winter weather. I need more sunshine in my life!

How are you all? What are your favourite 'at home' workouts? I need some new ones to switch it up a bit.

Sandra xxx

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