Monday, 13 November 2017

My Non Surgical Nose Job at La Belle Forme Glasgow (Before and After)

I have always been insecure about a small/medium sized bump on my nose (only visible from the side) but a nose job was never an option till... I discovered the possibility of a non surgical nose job with  Juvaderm injections. I watched loads of videos, looked at before and after photos and  I have been thinking about getting it done for the past few months. I finally bit the bullet 2 weeks ago and arranged an appointment at La Belle Forme in Glasgow and I am not gonna lie - I am amazed with the results! Just look at the photos - oh, I am so pleased!

Let's start from the beginning. Firstly, my nurse Laura Barnes discussed the procedure with me and I had to sign some consent forms. Once it was all done and we agreed on what I wanted, the injections took about 15 minutes. Total of 30 minutes including the consultation. La Belle Forme are located in city centre, on Wilson Street, so you could literally have a nose job on your lunch break! That's how quick and easy it is! And if you don't like the results, the filler can be dissolved. 

My nurse Laura recommended Juvaderm Voluma for this particular procedure and only 0.4 ml was needed to make my nose straight. After the application of the numbing cream, I had a few injections above the bump/in between my eyes and then a couple in the tip of my nose. The injections in between my eyes weren't painful and the ones in the tip of my nose were a little bit uncomfortable, but not too bad. It was similar to when I had my face threaded actually.

I was expecting bruising after, as I bruise like a peach, but I was actually ok till the final injection which gave me the bruise visible in the photo. I don't mind that at all to be honest. I also had  a bit of swelling, which is also expected. Again, you can see it in the photo. The swelling went down within 24 hours and the bruising took 5-6 days to disappear completely. I was given a little pot of arnica cream to apply onto the area and it really helped. Once the bruising and swelling were all gone, I was even more impressed with the results. A straight nose? Am I dreaming? Here is the before and after from the other side.You might remember the photo on the left from my Instagram where I was moaning about my nose. Well... I can't moan anymore :)

Apart from bruising and swelling, I  felt pressure in between my eyes for a few days and the filler in that area felt like cartilage for about a week. The filler in the tip of my nose didn't cause any swelling or bruising and felt normal after the procedure. Two weeks later and you can't tell I had something done to my nose at all, except how nice and straight it looks :)

The results last for around 12 months, depending on how fast your body metabolizes the product. We're all different. I've never had any fillers done, so I don't know how long my results will last. I do know that I will definitely consider getting a top up though. I just love having a straight nose. I get loads of photos taken for my blog, so I constantly look at my profile and I cannot stand the bump on my nose. This quick procedure gave me an extra boost of confidence and I have zero regrets! The cost is just under £400, so if I had to put money away for it for the next 12 months, it would cost me £30 per month. I know I will be tempted! I better start my nose job money jar asap! And here is one more photo of my brand new nose. Not  a massive difference, but the bump is gone and it makes me happy!

Overall, I had a fantastic experience at La Belle Forme Glasgow and I would definitely recommend the clinic, if you're considering any fillers/botox etc. They also offer various facials, plastic surgery and other procedures. You can book a consultation HERE.

Have you ever had fillers? Would you consider a non surgical nose job?

Sandra xxx

*the procedure was offered to me free of charge

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