Day out at Soar Intu Breahead and Vegan Pizza Express Lunch

We recently went out for a super fun day at the newly renovated Soar at Intu Breahead and I am so impressed with the new modern look! The ‘space trees’underneath a ceiling of stars and a ‘light box’ wall showing all the constellations in space look incredible! We went to a chocolate workshop with Zachary, bounced at the new Gravity Trampoline Park, had vegan lunch at Pizza Express and finished with some mini golf. 

 It all looks lovely and festive at the moment and to keep kids entertained for hours, there's a little area with fake snow ans snowballs, Santa's sleigh and a cute postbox, just in case you want to send a letter to Santa :)

 We started with some fun at the GraVity Trampoline Park - the part Zachary was most excited about! He loves being active and as we have a huge trampoline in our garden, he is very confident bouncing around. 

 It was amazing to see him so excited and carefree and we had  an absolute blast! Out favourite part was when they dimmed the lights and played loud music - basically like a trampoline party. Awesome!

 I loved Gravity soooo much! I can't wait to go back. It was so much fun!

 After all the bouncing, we were super hungry so we headed to Pizza Express for lunch. It's one of my favourite places to eat, as they have incredible vegan pizza!

 We started with dough balls with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. You can't go wrong with Pizza Express dough balls, right? 

 Zac had the kids portion with a side salad, but he gave me the salad, as he's not into cucumber and raw tomato.

He did love the vegan kids pizza though, which made me really happy. He doesn't like vegan cheese in sandwiches, but he loves it melted, so it's a big yes from my fussy eater. Yay! He ate the full thing!

 I opted for the Vegan Giardiniera with artichoke, closed cup mushroom, red onion and black olives, with tomato, vegan mozzarella alternative and garlic oil, finished with fresh parsley. I had it on a crispy thin Romana base. YUUUUUM! I also had a side salad with oilve oil and balsamic vinegar.

 We shared a portion of Polenta Chips as well (without Parmesan) and I was so pleased to see Zachary enjoy them. Again- huge win as he's very fussy! 

 Scott had the Vegan Giardiniera as well, but on the classic base.

 For dessert, we all had the dairy free Raspberry Sorbet, which was absolutely delicious! 

It was Zac's first fully vegan meal out and he ate all the courses and loved them all! I was super proud!

 We also had some of the yummy Watermelon Chills, as we absolutely love them! Such a fab meal and I will definitely go back to Pizza Express again and again. Great vegan friendly options!

 After the amazing meal we headed to Paradise Island Adventure Mini Golf for some more fun. We picked up our balls and clubs and headed to the first 18 hole golf course.

 I wish I wore more appropriate footwear for golf, hahaha. I still did really well, but Zachary was the real star! He's never played golf before but he managed to get the ball into the hole at first try over 5 times and even strangers were cheering for him. Future golfer?

We had a great time at Soar at Intu Breahead and Zachary said he had the best day ever, which melted my heart. It was great being able to spend time just with him, as his little sister gets most of the attention every day. She is a wild child and always up to something, so spending a fun day with Zac is the relaxing option :)

I would definitely recommend Soar for a day out with family and friends. We had a blast!

Sandra xxx

*we were invited to Soar free of charge

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