Emma Bridgewater Decorating Studio & Garden

As promised, here is part two of my Emma Bridgewater experience. We booked the Decorating Studio session separately, as there was no spaces left for the full day package, but I am actually glad we did it this way. I had so much fun decorating my own pieces and I want to do it again! I am also including loads of pictures of the gorgeous garden! Enjoy!

So, how does it work? First of all, make sure you book your session in advance, as it will be VERY hard for you to get a space if you just walk in. You check in at the counter at the front and you are given a table in the studio, where you will decorate your pottery. You can order some refreshments as well. 

Next step is picking your pieces of pottery. They are all displayed in the big units in the studio, with the prices on the side to make sure you know how much it will cost for your chosen items. You can get some really special pieces to paint, ones that aren't available to buy, like the 'salt pig' and other bits and bobs. 

The prices start from £7.00 for a saucer and Mini Mug, to £245 for a 1 gallon teapot! 

I wasn't sure what to get, but I eventually settled on three items. You will see which ones soon....

Once you pick the pieces, you take them to the counter and pay for them and let the cashier know if you want to pick them up from the studio or get them sent to your address at a cost of £5.00 per address. 

Once you paid for your pottery, you take it to your table and pick your paints and sponges. You can ask for help, if you need it as there is always someone there. 

You get yourself a little palette and pour your chosen colours into it, ready to start your masterpiece!

You can either use the stamps or paint brushes. I used a combination of both. I wanted to stamp the letters onto my mug, but unfortunately they didn't have all the stamps (No A, no E etc...) so keep in mind that you might not find all the letters. This is something they could improve on, for example: Put a mug with the full alphabet on each table.

The decorating, especially with the sponges was harder than it looks!

Here is the little plate I painted. How adorable!!!

I also decorated a 1/2 pint mug with 'Sandra's Earl Grey' and lilac hearts. I was pretty pleased with my efforts. I just wish I could do it neater.

Showing off my masterpiece.

I also decorated a tiny little espresso mug which turned out to be my favourite piece out of all of them once it was fired. I will show you the 'after photo in a second'.

I think I will get a 1/2 pint mug in this style the next time.

Once you're all done with your pieces, you take them back to the counter, where they will be prepared for the full process. You also have to tidy up your table, take the paints back to the colour wheel, wash the sponges and brushes you used and put them in the right place.

And here are my pieces after being glazed and fired. So pretty! I wish the 1/2 pint mug was a bit more vibrant, but I still love it. I received my parcel within 2 weeks. 

After the decorating studio session, we headed to the beautiful garden to get some fresh air and relax.

Blurry shots are my husbands speciality :)

We got to meet the cute chickens. Hi  there!

Look at this giant dude!

And the cute baby chicks! So adorable!

There's plenty of beautiful flowers to admire.

Succulent love!

Oh, it's so lovely looking back at the photos! I had an amazing time decorating the pottery and admiring the beautiful garden and the cute chickens. The last thing left now is the factory tour, which I will share with you next week.

You can book your decorating studio tickets here:

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