Wedding Venues: How To Choose The Right Venue For Your Wedding

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Choosing the right venue for your wedding is something you shouldn't rush. The last thing you want is to have post-wedding regret or be worried the venue can’t accommodate your needs in the run-up to the big day. And while the nuptials and what they represent should be the day's main focus, there is nothing wrong with wanting to start your married life in a perfect venue that can offer you the day of your dreams.

So what do you really need to look at when choosing your wedding venue?

Your Budget

Before you even start to look at venues, you need to down how much you can afford to spend on your wedding day and what you are able to squeeze into your budget. This can stop you from looking at venues out of your price point and narrow down the search before you even start. Much like trying on wedding dresses you can't afford and end up falling in love with, you don't want to be disappointed with your venue if you choose it after falling in love with a more expensive wedding package and more desirable location.

Your Guest List

Again another good way to narrow down your search options is to look at your guest list. Who do you want to invite, and how many people does the venue need to be able to hold comfortably and avoid people being turned away or having to whittle down your guest list once you have sent out save-the-date cards?


You, of course, want your wedding to be hosted in a stunning location that fits your theme and personality, but you also need to consider the physical location of the venue too. Is it easily accessible? Will people need to stay overnight due to its remote location, or will they need to arrange taxis or Uber to get them to the venue, and how far away from your home is it? Choosing a venue far away requiring overnight stays can reduce how many people are able to attend, so think about this before paying that deposit.

What's Included

When it comes to wedding packages offered by venues, chances are they will have a pretty extensive list of what they provide and details of what you can expect. You need to pay attention to this carefully and ask any questions if something doesn't feel right and double check what is included in your package if this is something that is offered; no one wants to arrive on their big day only to find out an essential part of the day isn't arranged due to a miscommunication.


Lastly, the style and feel of the venue need to match you and your wedding theme. Be it a church or cathedral wedding for a more traditional day, a wedding in an old brewery or a museum for a more modern twist on wedding venues, or a country hall or barn, allowing you to incorporate nature for the whimsical theme.

You want to remember your wedding day and your venue for the right reasons. Putting thought into what you need from your venue concerning your big day will help you narrow your search and find the perfect place to say "I do".


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