Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew Double Cleansing System

I've been double cleansing for a good few years now and I've tried many different cleansers, but I still get excited about new products on the market. My latest discovery is the Erase & Renew Double Cleansing System*(£72.00) by Pestle & Mortar and I have been using it for a few weeks now, seeing really good results.

The box contains three items to help you complete your double cleansing ritual:
Erase makeup removing balm
Renew illuminating lightweight gel cleanser
Double cleanse facial cloth.

The idea of double cleansing is designed to remove makeup, wash away dirt and prep skin for serums and moisturisers. If you follow it every night, you will see amazing results, but you really have to stick to it and make it your ritual. First of all, you will notice how soft and supple your skin feels and that it has a nice glow to it, then you will probably notice that you're getting less breakouts and your skin looks clearer. All That thanks to being properly cleansed, but not stripped of it's natural oils. That's the beauty of using non foaming cleansers!

Erase is a solid balm, that you warm in your hands and then massage into dry skin, removing all your makeup, any dirt etc. Do your eyes last and make sure all the mascara is dissolved. Wet the muslin side of the cloth with warm water and wipe the cleanser off your face. This cleanser is very nourishing and feels great on the skin, just make sure you warm it in your hands till it feels smooth, as you don't want it to feel grainy. I find it very effective at removing all kinds of makeup, including waterproof mascara.

Erase features nourishing ingredients, like Pumpkin Seed Oil packed with Anti-Oxidants and Prickly Pear Seed Oil  to help boost skin cell renewal.

Renew is an Illuminating Lightweight Gel Cleanser, but it's not like a normal gel, as it doesn't foam up and irritate the skin. It feels nice and silky and very luxurious. Yous simply apply 1 pump to dry skin and massage it gently over your face and neck using upward strokes. Once you're done, you remove it with the soft side of the cloth. 

Renew contains Papaya and Mango fruit enzymes to refine skin texture and other ingredients to help prevent wrinkles, fine lines and age-related pigmentation.

The Renew Cleanser can be used in the morning as well, but I prefer to just use both products in the evening.

The double sided cloth features a muslin side and a soft flannel side, so you don't have to switch between two different cloths during your cleanse. These can also be bought separately as a pack of 3 (£13.50). I have to get some more as I really like these.

After a few weeks of using the Erase & Renew Double Cleansing System, I would definitely recommend it, if you love double cleansing, or if you want to try it, but are unsure about what products to buy. These two are a perfect duo and leave my skin feeling super soft and add a nice glow to my face. I did have a few days when I stopped double cleansing and I could see the difference right away, so I got back to my routine immediately. Basically, if you wear makeup, or stay in a polluted area, you should definitely double cleanse, as your skin needs it. I know that I simply can't get away with just micellar water, a wipe or a foaming cleanser - my skin would go bonkers! Double cleanse all the way!!!

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