Piccolo Organic Baby Food.

When it comes to baby food, I make most of it myself, from scratch. BLW or purees, I prefer to know what goes into it and avoid anything with preservatives, added sugars or artificial sweeteners. I do buy organic  food pouches occasionally, as Mia loves them and our new favourites are by Piccolo, an awesome brand we discovered recently.

We were kindly sent a selection  of their flavours to try and Mia wasn't the only one excited about it! Oh my... it was so hard not to eat all of these myself! I tried a bit of every flavour and they are all soooo nice!

Piccolo offer a balanced range of smooth, organic fruit & vegetable purées, made with only natural ingredients, to ensure a varied diet, full of exciting new flavours. The combinations are spot on and help to switch things up a bit in Mia's diet. She looooves trying new things and so far she hasn't been fussy at all. She actually prefers unusual, strong flavours, spices and herbs etc, so Piccolo pouches are right up her street.

At this stage (15 months), Mia just holds the pouch by herself, so no spoons or clean-up required. She's such an independent little girl! She is a fast eater and she inhales one of these in a minute, looking for more, haha. I love having a little fruit or veg pouch with me, when we're out and about and she's acting a bit fussy, as food always makes her one happy munchkin!

You can see the first flavours we tried one the photo above. Our favourites were:
Banana, Blueberry & Apple with a hint of Vanilla, 
Peach & Apple with a hint of Basil, 
Apple & Apricot with a pinch of Cinnamon and 
Cherry & Yoghurt with Wholegrain Oats. 

The Spring Greens with a hint of Mint and the Squash, Red Pepper & Chickpea with a hint of Rosemary were lovely too and Mia seems to enjoy them all. She did eat the sweeter fruity flavours much quicker though. Takes after her mummy :)

 We were also sent some new flavours added to the range recently, including:

 Banana, Strawberry & Peach with a hint of Mint,
Mango, Pear & Kale with a dash of Yoghurt,
Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Apple & Pear and
Raspberry & Apple with soaked oats.

Oh my - all absolutely delicious! I am not gonna lie, I could easily live of baby food, if it all tasted so good! The Kale flavour with mango and pear is to die for!

Picollo pouches retail at £1.10, which is a good price for organic food that tastes incredible!

You can buy Piccolo products from Waitrose in-store and online.

And even if you don't have kids - I would recommend these as a healthy snack- yuuuuum, yuuuum and more yuuuuuum! I am craving one of these so bad right now!

Sandra xxx

*PR samples

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