Home Sweet Home

I have been a bad blogger... Yep... I said it. I actually can't believe it, but I have only been blogging once or twice a week. And you know what? I am not even feeling guilty about it. I am sooo busy with regular mum stuff these days, breastfeeding, school run, healing my back, getting in shape and enjoying life, that blogging took a back seat. I am more relaxed and I have been doing bits and bobs to make the house feel more cosy. It's so nice to just write this, because I am feeling like it, not because I have a deadline. Here are some lovely decor bits I purchased recently that I just adore, including some great bargains you might love!

Let's start with my favourite item! The ladder shelf/shelves! OMG! I love them soooo much and they were such a bargain. Only £19.99 with free P&P HERE. Awesome! I am using these as a modern dresser with my lovely Emma Bridgewater pieces. I put some of my cacti in my EB mugs and they look so nice!

 Another bargain that is simply gorgeous is this side table. It's actually a tray on a stand. Only £19.86 with free delivery HERE. It adds such a nice vibe to the living room.

 I am also loving my Cable & Cotton ball lights for the dark evenings. So pretty!

 I picked up this cacti/succulent garden pot from ALDI and I think it was £7. It's lovely, isn't it?

 Fake sunflowers from Wilkos in a massive 5 litre Kilner drinks dispenser (link).

This lovely bedding was a gift and it's from Sainsbury's Botanist range. I can't find it online, but I think you can get it instore. It's sooo pretty and the quality is lovely.

 It has embroidered butterflies allover.

I have also been adding to my Emma Bridgewater collection and as you can see, Wallflower is my favourite design. I also finally bought the Nespresso Citiz and I looooooove it so much! Great investment and the lattes it makes are dreamy!

I hope you're all well. Lots of love...

Sandra xxx

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