Foreo Luna Play Review

I have the Foreo Luna and Luna Mini in my life, but the new Foreo Luna Play* (£29.00) is a fab little addition to the Luna family and I couldn't be more excited about it. Why? Well, it's the cutest little cleansing device on the planet and... it is pretty affordable too!

Described as an ultra portable facial-cleansing device designed to provide a professional standard of skincare with its invigorating one-minute ritual, Foreo Luna Play is ideal for skincare newbies, who want to try a Foreo product without breaking the bank. It is the size of a cotton pad, so it's also ideal for travelling too.

 Luna Play is suitable for all skin types, helps to get rid of dry skin and clarify your complexion, which results in clearer looking skin and a luminous glow. You will notice a difference after just one use, as your makeup will sit better and your face will feel smoother. 

The waterproof device features  T-Sonic Pulsation Technology from the LUNA mini 2 and non-porous silicone touch-points/bristles which resist bacteria build-up. I already talked about the benefits of using a Foreo Luna Mini, so you can read all about it here.

There is only one flaw... this little baby is non rechargeable and only lasts for 100 uses, which is a shame, but if you have the original rechargeable Luna or Luna Mini, this one could be a great travel option to have. I initially didn't know that it wasn't rechargeable, so I let my son play with it as he found it fascinating.... Oooops! There goes about 20 uses... I have to hide it now!

Overall, I adore the dinky Foreo Luna Play and the powder pink colour is lovely, but I am not sure if people would be happy spending £29.00 on a non rechargeable device. It would last for around a year, if used twice a week though, so it just depends on your budget. £29.00 is not a lot of money to be honest, so I think it's fine.

It's available in 7 colours including: mint, pink, fuchsia, purple, black, yellow and aquamarine.

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*PR sample

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