Skincare: DHC Resveratrol Range

I was planning to write this review ages ago, but I couldn't find the time, so I have been putting it off... Bad blogger... Better late than never though, so here it goes. I have been using the DHC Resveratrol range* for a good few months now and I am almost done with all three products. Are they worth the price tag?

At £43.00 these don't come cheap, but I have tried more expensive products that were disappointing, so it's all good. The range features an ingredient called Resveratrol - a  polyphenol antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes, which helps fight visible signs of ageing. The packaging is lovely, with red and gold accents and I love the metallic caps.

I have been using the toner, serum and cream at night time throughout winter and my skin loved every little bit of it! The products work amazingly well together, are soothing, hydrating and help to protect the skin form environmental stresses.

After cleansing with a cleansing balm or oil, I have been using the Resveratrol Lotion* (£43.00), which deeply hydrates, boosts skin's natural moisture barrier and preps nicely for the other products. 

The second step is the Resveratrol Essence* (£43.00) - a light, but powerful serum that promotes smoother, younger looking skin and just like the rest of the range, deeply hydrates.

Sometimes, I would just use the serum, as it left my skin feeling amazing, but when I needed an extra boost of moisture when my skin felt dry from central heating and the weather, I would use the Resveratrol Cream* (£43.00). The real treat! It feels very bouncy in the jar, but once you massage it into the skin, it melts into a silky consistency and leaves a thin layer of moisture. I just let it sink in for a couple of minutes before bedtime and I wake up with my skin a lot more hydrated and super smooth.

I have loved using all three DHC Resveratrol products. They work brilliantly together and I would recommend them for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin. Remember, dehydrated, doesn't necessarily mean dry, so oily skin will benefit from these too. And since we're talking about DHC, I just have to mention that their Cleansing Oil is the best makeup remover/cleanser I have ever tried! You have to try it! Currently on sale too! Go, go go!

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