Home decor: Living room update pt1

I don't think I have ever done a living room tour of the house we moved into over 2 years ago, but I recently redecorated, added new furniture, rugs and pops of colour, so I thought I will take some photos and share them with you.

We used to have a white Ikea unit under the TV, but I replaced it with a lovely pine unit (link). It was only £74.99 and I love the style and the finish. I also ordered a magazine rack unit (link) and a console table (it's behind the brown sofa, link) from the same range, which is called Corona.

Since we gave the Playstation to Zachary and it's in his room now, I just put Yankee Candles on the top shelf and a wooden box with bits and bobs on the bottom shelf.

I also have a little basket next to the TV unit with blankets and cushions. The scrabble cushion is from Darwin & Grey.

The brown leather sofa is covered in cushions and it's not really being used, unless we have guests :) I bought the big cream cushions from HM, the yellow ones from Next and the Reserved For Mum and Dad ones from Flamingo Gifts (link).

The grey sheepskin rug is a recent addition and I love how soft it is. I had a faux fur one in the past but it didn't last at all, so I am hoping this one will last longer. The grey colour is gorgeous and I love putting baby Mia on it during playtime.

We still have the same sofa and it is actually in great condition considering how much we use it. The big cushions are a bit out of shape, but it is over 5 years old, so I am very pleased that it still looks ok.

Behind the corner sofa, we have a small unit/table (Scott built it) with a big mirror and some lights and candles on it. The floor lamp is from Ikea.

Now onto my favourite part, our new rug! I absolutely hate our living room carpet, but since we are renting, we can't do anything about it. That's why I decided that we need a soft, good quality rug, so I can play with Mia on the floor. I opted for a grey one with a yellow honeycomb print (link). I love it! The yellow detail adds a nice pop of colour and goes nicely with the yellow cushions on the sofa. Most importantly, I can now lie on the floor comfortably  and Mia gets plenty of tummy time:)

I will be adding part 2 soon, with the other side of the living room, where we have the desk, the gallery wall and a swivel chair. I am hoping to rearrange it a bit to find space for a dining table, so fingers crossed I can come up something that works.

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