Makeup Storage: Her ClutterBox

I am hoarder, but I like to keep my stuff organised. My husband calls it an 'oraganised mess', haha :) I keep most of my makeup in my Ikea units, but I also like having some of it in clear acrylic drawers. I have been eyeing up a big set for ages, so I was absolutely delighted when Her ClutterBox kindly sent me one. Ahhh, only a beauty junkie will understand my excitement :)

The Crystal Clear 4 Drawer ClutterBox* (£129) is handmade using the finest high grade durable acrylic and it looks very glam. As it is completely see through, it will go with any decor. I have a white bedroom, with white furniture, headboard etc and it looks lovely sitting on top of one of my units. I might actually get a small dressing table for the landing upstairs and put it there, as I want a little space for myself, where I can keep my makeup and perfumes.

I am doing a massive makeup clear out at the moment and I want to be able to fit all of it into this set of drawers. They are a good size and hold a lot of products. Each drawer comes with specially designed dividers that you can arrange in many ways. You can take them out too, if you prefer just a simple drawer.

Each drawer has a small acrylic knob to make accessing your makeup super easy. The drawers feel very sturdy, but slide in and out nicely. My favourite thing about the design is being able to see all of my my makeup, without rummaging through it - I can see every single item and I can find it in seconds.

The top of the Crystal Clear ClutterBox features a lid, which has been designed to sit flat against the back of the drawers, so you can use the top one as a shelf for foundations, perfumes etc. I think I might do that actually, when I downsize my collection. At the moment, I have a little lipstick holder and a vase on top :)

I absolutely love 'Her Clutter Box'! It's perfect for a makeup addict like me. It also comes as a 5 and 6 drawer unit, if you need more space.

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