Summer Nails with Essence Gel Nail Polishes

 This awesome delivery from Essence simply blew my mind and I am now 100% sorted in the nail polish department :)  Not like I needed anymore nail polish (I have a ridiculous collection already), but... the gel formula sounded promising so I had to give it a go. I must admit - swatching over 40 polishes requires real dedication, but it was also very relaxing so it's all good :)

The new Essence gel polishes* give the same effect as a real gel manicure, but you don't need a UV light to set it. You simply use the base coat, apply your chosen colour, seal it with the super glossy top coat and you are done. 

The formula is quite thick and gel like and it is a dream to apply. The brush is lovely too. Some colours need only 1 coat, some need 2. My favourites are the one coat wonders, because they save a lot of drying time. I also found my perfect white within the collection - two thin coats (you might even get away with just one) and you have a stunning white manicure! Amazing! The base coat dries within seconds, the colours dry within 5 minutes and the top coat needs about 10 minutes to dry.

These last on me for 4 days without chipping, which is great. If you have strong nails that aren't prone to chipping, you will probably get an extra couple of days out of each manicure.

You can see all the swatches below. There is plenty of stunning Summer shades to choose from as well as classic nudes, pastels, juicy reds and more.

First row: 03 Give Me Nude Baby, 06 Space Queen, 04 Our Sweetest Day, 05 Sweet As Candy, 08 Whatever, 07 party Princess, 09 #Lucky, 02 Bubble Gum, 11 4ever Young, 10 true Love.

Second row: 40 Play With My Mint, 26 Brazil Jungle, 25 Prince Charming, 41 Kiss Me Freddy, 29 #Paradise, 39 Blue Bubble Di Blue, 30 Let's Get Lost, 32 Discreet Agent, 22 I Love My Blue Jeans, 31 Electriiiiiic, 23 Wonderfuel.

First row: 14 Do You Speak Love?,  15 Hey Love, 16 Fame Fatal, 17 Juicy love, 18 I Don't Care, 12 Mandarine Bay, 24 Indian Summer, 13 Forgive me, 34 Candy Love, 38 Love Is In The Air, 28 Hello Sunshine, 27 Don't Be Shy.

Second Row: 19 Indigo To Go, 20 Beautiful Lies, 21 A Whisper Of Spring, 37 Serendipity, 33 Wild White Ways, 35 Engaged, 36 Dare it Nude, 44 On Air, 43 Girl's Best Friend, 42 Frozen Kiss, 45 Yumiiiii, 46 Black Is Back.

Left to right: 09 #Lucky, 18 I Don't Care, 38 Love Is In The Air, 31 Electriiiiic.

09 #Love and 18 I Don't Care with the gel top coat.

You can buy the Gel Nail Polishes by Essence in your local Wilko.
At just £1.60 per bottle, these are an absolute bargain!

*PR samples

01 09 10