Some of my pregnancy essentials

Pregnancy is usually a really lovely and magical time, but at some point everyone becomes a bit uncomfortable with their growing bump or experiences typical pregnancy symptoms. Here are some items that are making the final weeks a little bit easier for me.

Comfortable nightwear and underwear is a must have, especially when you can hardly sleep at night, thanks to a massive bump. Apparently some people find talking about pants a bit weird, but hey... if you are pregnant and need the most comfy underwear on the planet, Asda does the best thongs ever and they only cost £2.50 per pack. They always have plenty of colours and designs to choose from and I have about 20 pairs, because I looooove them. The are super stretchy and wash really well.

I also love a good jersey chemise with adjustable straps. I have 6 different ones, including 2 for breastfeeding. Similar here. Perfect if you are pregnant during hot Summer months. And when I have to cover up, I just throw on a jersey dressing gown. I bought the polka dot one (with a matching chemise) for the hospital, but I already started wearing it :) Similar here.

Next, we have a super comfy maternity bra. Standard bras don't feel comfortable anymore, so this was my last resort. It is perfect for nursing as well, which is ideal as I will be breastfeeding my baby (hopefully without any struggles, fingers crossed). This design is by Hot Milk and it's their 'Necessity Sleep Bra*'. It is super soft and gives enough support for medium sized boobs :) You also get an extender, just in case you need more space in the final months of pregnancy. I think I will get another one in a different colour as well. 

I am also using a couple of things on my bump to prevent more stretch marks and to sooth any itching, which is actually a sign of the skin stretching. The products I am using are by Secret Saviours, including a Day Gel, Night Cream and a support band. I love how soothing the day gel is, despite a bit of stickiness. Once I have the band on, it doesn't really matter though so it's all good. The night cream isn't sticky at all and feels more nourishing. It also has a very soothing herbal scent, ideal for night time.

The support band is surprisingly comfortable and I can wear it all day without it digging into my skin. I actually feel weird without it now, because I feel like it gives a bit of support for my heavy bump. The band is lined with special pads that dissipate stresses and strains, making it difficult for stretch marks to form. You can buy the Secret Saviours Anti-Stretch Mark pack here.

My other essential is the most obvious - heartburn relief. Seriously... My heartburn is out of control, as my bump is huge and sitting really high. It gets worse at night, so I don't know what I would do without Tums. They give me instant relief and I also love how they taste. I only take 2-3 a day at the moment, but I think I will need more in the final weeks, as the heartburn is getting worse. 

I also have to mention maternity leggings. I seriously could not live without these! My favourites are from Asda and they come in a pack of 2 (here). At £12.00 you simply can't go wrong - comfy, cheap, perfect shape, great quality fabric! I also live in maternity t-shirts, but I can't find  a link to the ones I wear, as I bought them when I was pregnant the first time (4 years ago).

In my last pregnancy I had a maternity body pillow, but this time I have no space for it, as my toddler crawls into our bed in the middle of the night quite often so it would just annoy me. It is great though and I wasn't able to sleep without it when I was pregnant with Zachary, so I would definitely recommend getting one. I had this one. It was also amazing for nursing.

Any other recommendations?

*pr samples.

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