New decor bits

 I love refreshing my home decor and I often add new bits and pieces to the living room. From new cushion covers, to little ornaments and fresh flowers - it is quite easy to switch things up.

I was kindly sent a couple of pieces from Flamingo Gifts recently and one of them is this beautiful Vintage Telephone*. It looks mint green in the photos, but it is a bit darker in real life. I love the retro feel, the sound of the bell ringer and the colour. It goes nicely with mint green accents in my living room. I have a mint green feature wall, curtains and baskets.

Zachary testing the phone :) He is slightly obsessed with it.

I also picked two new cushion covers from Flamingo Gift's Homeware section. My husband always makes a big deal about 'HIS space' on the sofa so I got the Reserved For Mum and Reserved For Dad cushions* as a little joke :) They are lovely! You can also get one for a dog and a cat. 

My husband surprised me with some pink tulips a couple of days ago and I didn't realise how hard they are to arrange. Oh my... it took me ages! I used a big kilner jar as a vase. Yes... it has an earl grey sticker on it, because that's what I normally use it for :)

I much prefer low maintenance plants, so I got some cute little cactuses on my recent trip to Ikea. They come in a pack of 3 and only cost £4.50. Sooo adorable! I hope I manage to keep them alive :)

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