Marlenha Flourish Moisturiser Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might remember my review of the Marlenha Petal Delicate Eye Serum. I am still using it and I absolutely love it. I was kindly sent the Flourish Mosituriser to try 6-7 weeks ago and again, I am really impressed with the formula. 

 Just like the eye serum, the packaging of this moisturiser is lovely. Very simple, but elegant at the same time. I love the silver lid, as it adds a touch of luxury. I prefer all skincare to be totally sealed and dispensed with a pump to be honest, but a jar is just fine and I use a little spatula to get a desired amount of the cream out to keep it hygienic and free form any bacteria. 

The Flourish Moisturiser was created to boost your skin’s radiance, smooth wrinkles, even out skin tone and restore skin's balance. The key ingredients include Hyaluronic acid to plump and help hydrate, Jojoba oil to protect, soften and moisturise, Collagen to restore plumpness and add radiance, Red algae to tighten and  increase elasticity and antioxidant Vitamin E to prevent ageing. 

The consistency of this moisturiser is rich, but it doesn't feel oily and it doesn't leave a residue. It sinks into the skin quickly and provides instant hydration.  It is very soothing and perfect for dehydrated skin; exactly what I expect from a good moisturiser.  I absolutely love the way it feels and applying it is a real pleasure. I use it morning and night after cleansing, toning and massaging two different serums to my face or an oil, if my skin feels really dry. 

Despite having hormonal breakouts, I noticed that since I started using the Flourish Moisturiser, my skins dehydration hasn't been an issue and everything is more balanced. My t-zone is less oily, my cheeks aren't dry and my complexion looks more radiant. 

Overall, I adore the Marlenha Flourish Moisturiser and it is a real treat for my skin. I mentioned it in my last review, but just to give you an idea about the brand, Marlenha is a range of handmade bio-skincare products, crafted using age-old artisan techniques, natural extracts and specialist active ingredients. Marlenha products are cruelty free, made without animal derived ingredients and free from nasties (like parabens, sulfates etc). The small selection of products is handmade in Italy and includes: three face moisturisers, a body butter and an eye serum. 

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