Citizen M Hotel Glasgow (review +vlog)

Last month, I celebrated my 27th birthday and it was my first night (2 nights actually) without my son! He is 3 years old and I have watched him every single day and night for the full 3 years of his life and I am really proud of myself! Anyway... After many months (ok...years) of trying to 'cut the cord', I finally left Zachary with his grandparents overnight and spent 2 nights with my husband in Citizen M Hotel Glasgow.

Thankfully, everything went perfectly fine, Zachary was an angel and he behaved really well. He even talked to me on the phone, which was the cutest thing ever. I only cried once, because I missed him so much, but other than that, I really enjoyed myself and our 2 day break was fab! We went out for meals, to the cinema, for romantic walks and lots of shopping!

We checked into Citizen M Glasgow on Monday and with my father in law being a taxi driver, it was super easy to get there :) haha. If you are travelling on a bus or train, you will be able to find it easily too and it won't take you too long to walk there at all, as it is located in city centre (Renfrew Street), close to the bus and train stations. The building is hard to miss and as soon as the door opens, you will be amazed!

The decor is insanely beautiful, very modern and quirky at the same time, as you can see on the photos below. There is a lot going on, but it's not too much or cheap/tacky. I personally love the design of all the spaces and the rooms. 

When you walk in, you will see elevators in front of you and stairs on the left. You can also have a seat, if you want :) 

The check-in/check-out area is easy to find and if you take the lift, it will be right in front of you :) You simply use your email, second name or reservation  number to start the process and you get your room card, without having to talk to anyone. No hassle, perfect for people who don't like human interaction :) We got to talk to a member of staff, as there is usually someone there to help you, just in case you are having any problems. All members of staff were lovely by the way and we all laughed about the fact that my booking was made as: Sandra Blackpearl (I didn't book it), so every time I was asked about my second name (if anything had to be added to the bill etc), it was interesting, haha.

Plenty of sitting spaces everywhere.

The designs of the chairs and sofas are crazy (in a good way).

The bar looks awesome and serves the best virgin mojitos in the world (see below).

Attention to detail in every single corner of the hotel. I just couldn't stop taking pictures!

I love how homely the lounge areas look/feel. You can simply relax on the sofas, watch TV, read a book and enjoy the views of the city through the glass windows.

My favourite bit - the lights! How stunning do they look? I might copy this idea and use it in my future house :)

The 24hr bar serves beer, champagne on ice and expertly mixed cocktails. If you fancy lunch or dinner, you can choose from sushi, signature sandwiches, warm dishes, plus hot and cold drinks. The breakfast bar offers pastries, musli, fruit (not fresh) or a full English. There is also a selection of fruit juices, freshly brewed coffee and tea. I wasn't blow away by the breakfast to be honest and it could be improved, but it was fine. (me and my husband love A LOT of flavour). We opted for the omelette, tomatoes, baked beans, sausage, potato scones and black pudding on day 1 and the continental style breakfast on day 2. The price is £8.95 per person if you book in advance or £10.95 if purchased on the same day. 

My favourite part of the breakfast was the carrot and ginger juice. My camera died just before my breakfast on day 2, so here is an iPad photo of the food :)

The most important part - the rooms! As soon as you walk in, you can see a massive  XL king-sized bed! It is HUGE and  super comfy! The full room is controlled with a Samsung tablet, including the ambient mood lighting. I love the little touch on the tablet, greeting me by name :) Cool, right? The room has a wall-to-wall window with blackout blinds and apparently, some rooms have really nice views.  Ours was just fine :) 

The bathroom features a rain shower (amazing) and it was very clean, just like the rest of the room and the hotel in general. The bedding and and bath linen are of great quality as well, which is something I expect from  a good hotel. 

The hotel offers free Wi-Fi without any annoying passwords etc. You simply connect to it and that's it! PERFECT! There are some movies available on the TV as well, but it would be good to have less porn and more standard films available in my opinion. From 8 paages (as far as I can remember), 4 of the pages were just porn, which is something I can't stomach at all.... I am just being honest....but hey... some people watch it, right? Anyway, we watched two comedies and it was nice to have an option of watching a film before you drift off to sleep. We actually went to the cinema on Renfrew Street twice during our stay, so we weren't too fussed about the movie selection in the hotel.

The bed was SOOOO comfy and SOOO big! You can't fully appreciate the size and comfort of a bed until you have a baby. That's when you learn how precious the space is! :) haha

The underbed storage offers a safe too, which is great for storing money, electronics etc.

View of the room from the bed (above).  The shower looks amazing with the mood lighting!

The sink is in the actual room, instead of the bathroom, which is great if you are staying with your partner or a friend!

All the finishing touches are in red, including the comfy armchair.

I even painted my nails red :)

Little snap of my makeup :) I loved the amount of natural light in the room during the day. 

Random, but cool :) (photo below)

More virgin mojtos :) Too good to resist!

I also filmed a video to show you the hotel, where you can see more details, including the bathroom and me doing my makeup :) I wish I recorder more, but my camera died and I didn't have the charger or a spare battery with me.

Overall, we had a great stay and I would definitely recommend staying at Citizen M Hotel Glasgow. The rooms cost £84.55 per night (per room, not per person) and I love the hassle free way of dealing with checking in and out, the modern decor etc. I wish I could get breakfast in bed, as it was my birthday, but everything else was perfect, so I can't complain. Try Citizen M, you won't regret it! They have hotels in London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, New York, Paris and Rotterdam and they all look very similar and work in the exact same way.

*the stay was complimentary

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