August Favourites

I skipped a month in favourites, but I am back with some skincare, bodycare, makeup and fragrance gems I have been loving in August. Hide your bank cards, haha :)

I stopped using scrubs, when exfoliating toners took over the beauty world, but I enjoy reaching for them once or twice a week, especially if they smell like this one! Obviously, it would be fab if it was a natural product without any harsh foaming agents, but I very rarely use anything with SLS, so I should be fine. I actually won this product in India's giveaway, so massive thank you to her :) I use the tiniest amount of the gel (pea sized) and massage it allover my face in circular motions. My favourite thing about it is the scent- mixture of Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint. It is very refreshing and leaves my skin brighter and smoother. 

I used a serum from this range and I didn't like it, but this 'fluid' is much more suitable for my combination skin. I apply it to my t-zone in the morning and I don't have to worry about any oiliness all day. The formula is very lightweight and contains zinc, vitamin B6 and AHA esters. If you find other mattifying products quite drying, try this one as it didn't dry my skin out but still gave a long lasting mattifying effect.

I reviewed this incredible mask recently (HERE) and I  can't  get enough of it. I am trying to make it last longer, but I already used my little pot over 5 times allover my face and as a spot treatment every day... I will need a new one in no time!
PS. Use code CDNEUK14 at for 10% off your order.

This product is an absolute skincare miracle and I am treasuring every single drop of it! You only get 15ml for £58.80 so it is extremely expensive, but my skin loves it! It is a light oil serum with a gorgeous scent of sandalwood and vetiver (a mixture of herbal and citrus notes in my opinion) and I find it very therapeutic at night time. I don't use the oil during the day, because I simply don't want to waste it. I prefer pampering with luxury skincare in the evening. Just me? 

The formula contains 21 plant extracts and patented bio-actives and promises to treat and control blemishes, congestion and blackheads, give glow to the skin, calm, balance and moisturise. My experience? It really does EVERYTHING it says on the box, which is a rarity these days. When I use the oil regularly, my skin is super smooth, glowy, clearer and plumper. I simply massage one small pump to my skin every evening to keep my skin happy or 2-3 pumps when I want a proper pamper. I really wish it was a bit cheaper :(

I love the formula of this liner and the packaging is simply stunning! Read my review and see swatches here.

Another Joan Collins gem. The shade of the bronzer looks very natural and adds the most gorgeous glow to my skin. The lipstick is perfect too. Read my review and see swatches here.

Oh my... I didn't expect this spray to be so darn good! I love using it when I wear a lot of makeup and I want my skin to look more natural, when I use mineral or powder foundation and I need something to take away the powdery look/feel or when I simply want to refresh my skin during the day. On top of that, the spray sets my makeup and makes it last all day. It's kind of magical to be honest and it only costs £5.00! Bargain!

I have been loving the Clarins Lip Perfectors and I don't think I rave about them enough. They apply like a dream, add a little bit of shine and colour and feel very, very moisturising.

I mentioned the original Rachel K Powder Foundation many times, but there is actually a new one available! I was kindly sent it from a UK stockist - I love using this powder to set my base and add extra coverage, but it can also be used as a foundation alone. Despite the powder formula, the finish is very natural and you can easily achieve a flawless complexion without caking on too many layers. I also adore the white and gold packaging.

He-Shi Souffle Moisturiser* (£11.00, £7.15)
I didn't expect this product to be sensational, but it is fab! If you want to keep your tan looking gorgeous and make it last longer, you need it in your life. It is currently on sale for only £7.15! It is lightweight, absorbs into the skin instantly, feels super hydrating and smells incredible! 

Yes, I became a Tangle Teezer addict! They are blooming brilliant! I have three and I can't recommend them enough. My favourite is this travel version, as it is a perfect size and has a little cover to keep the teeth protected.

FM EDP 313 (£20.00) 
I came across this perfume while looking for a Paco Rabbane Lady Million dupe and I must admit, it smells very similar. Not as luxurious and sophisticated, but really close. I am also in love with the bottle - it is stunning! 

These are a perfect treat for chocolate addicts! OMG! They smell incredible and you have to keep them away from other people, as they might actually eat them. My husband thought they were real white chocolate truffles, haha :) You simply throw one into the bath and let it melt into the most delicious smelling white chocolate dream! I am obsessed. Oh, they are also 100% natural :) Yay!

*PR samples

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