Crownbrush 626 'Starter Kit' Brush Set

I love makeup brushes and I probably own far too many already, but... I was really excited to try the new 626 Brush Set* by Crownbrush. It is described as the perfect starter kit and I couldn't agree more. It comes with 11 good quality brushes wrapped in a faux leather brush wrap and retails at £39.99. The set launched yesterday and you can now buy it from

The brushes feature matte black wooden handles and silver ferrules and there is a mixture of natural hair, duo fibre and synthetic bristles in the set. There is a nice selection of eye and face brushes, but I would love to see a buffing brush in the set, instead of two powder brushes. It would make the kit absolutely perfect.

The brushes include (left to right):

Liner Brush (synthetic)
This precise brush is perfect for applying gel liner. It gives a lot of control and you can easily create a thick winged line or a very fine line with it. Perfect.

Angled Liner Brush (synthetic)
I like using this brush to apply brow powder, but it can also be used for gel liner.

Small Round Applicator Brush (synthetic)
I have never been a fan of 'applicator brushes' for applying powder eyeshadow, but this one works really well with cream eyeshadows and concealer.

Pro Blending Fluff (natural bristles)
Perfect for blending in the crease, especially for smaller eyes. It can also be used for applying powder eyeshadows and as a precise highlighter brush.

Precision Pencil (natural bristles)
This brush is ideal for precise blending, especially for smoking out pencil or shadow along the lash line. It can also be used as an eye shadow applicator.

Pro Blending Crease (natural bristles)
Another great blending brush. The bristles don't feel scratchy and help to achieve a perfectly blended smokey eye. It's like a slightly less domed version of MAC 217.

Pointed Flat Foundation Brush (synthetic)
This brush was designed for applying liquid and cream foundations, but I prefer using it for contouring with cream products. It also works well with cream compact foundations, when I want really high coverage.

Large Powder Dome Brush (natural bristles)
Ideal for applying setting powder allover your face. I also like using it with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and as a bronzer brush.

Small Powder Brush (natural bristles)
Slightly smaller than the Large Powder Brush in the set, this brush can be used for more precise application of powders onto smaller areas of your face. It is also great for applying blushers and highlighters.

Angled Blush Brush (natural bristles)
Probably my favourite brush from the set. It is perfect for contouring and highlighting with powder formulas and just as the name suggests, ideal for applying blusher.

Large Duo Fibre Face Brush (synthetic and natural bristles)
 This brush can be used for liquid foundation, setting powders, bronzers, cream blushers, highlighters and concealers, giving a natural looking and flawless effect. Duo fiber brushes work by picking up a small amount of product with the longer bristles and blending it into the skin with shorter, more dense bristles. Perfect for those who tend to apply too much product - it is almost impossible to do it with a duo fiber brush :) PS. This baby is an amazing dupe for the MAC 187 Duo Fiber Brush, which costs £33.50, so you can basically buy this full set for the price of one MAC brush :)

Overall, the 626 Crownbrush Set is great value for money and a fab starter kit. Just like I said before, if there was a buffing brush included, it would be absolutely perfect! I am still impressed though and I highly recommend this set and Crownbrush as a brand. Their brushes are fantastic and reasonably priced. If you decide to treat yourself to this set, make sure to add the brush cleaner to your basket as well. It's amazing!

The 626 Brush Set is available to buy now from for £39.99.

*PR sample

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