My makeup storage

Since getting rid of my big dressing table (click to see my old post), storing makeup has been a bit of an issue, so I decided to buy the tall Malm chest of drawers last year and I am quite happy with it. I also added some clear acrylic drawers for my everyday makeup (I got an extra set since I took the photos). They are perfect, because I can see everything and access my favourite products easily. I would still like a small dressing table in my bedroom, but I will wait patiently, until I actually have a walk in wardrobe in our dream house and I can make it as girly as I want :)

The small acrylic drawers are sitting on the top of my Malm chest of drawers with some white ikea plant pots for my dirty brushes and hair brushes. I keep my clean brushes in a drawer and a little brush case from Space NK, because I don't want them to collect dust and cause breakouts.

I can't find a link to the set I got, but if you type 'clear acrylic makeup drawers' into ebay, you will be able to see many different sizes and options.

The two top drawers in my Malm unit are really shallow, but they can hold quite a lot of makeup. In the top drawer, I keep my Clarins palettes and most used blushers, bronzers and highlighters.

In my second drawer, I keep single eye shadows, small eye palettes and loose powders.

The third drawer is really deep and perfect to store things like lipsticks, liners, mascaras, primers and foundations. I used empty cups, candle jars and little boxes to divide the drawer into smaller sections.

The next deep drawer is quite random and I keep my big palettes, fake lashes and old nail polishes in it. I have to bin them to be honest :) haha. I keep the rest of my polishes in another chest of drawers, but I might do another post about that.

There are two more deep drawers in my Malm unit, where I keep hair tools and hair product. You can also open the top, which reveals a mirror and some storage space - perfect for jewellery.

Overall, I am quite happy with this unit, but I am planning to get the tall Alex unit in the future for extra storage. I am a real hoarder and I need to be more organised :)

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